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image of IzmirIzmir is Turkey’s third largest city and it’s situated on the Aegean Coast, in the west of the country. With a population of over 3 million people Izmir is a busy city that offers numerous urban sites of interest, as well as access to the beautiful Aegean Coast and its beaches. Only a short drive away is the spectacular archaeological site of ancient Ephesus.

The airport for flights to Izmir is the Adnan Menderes International Airport (airport code: ADB) about 20 kilometres outside the city. There are regular shuttle buses into Izmir, as well as a train service. You can book a flight to Izmir from South Africa with Turkish Airlines and transfer in Istanbul, or take South African Airways for a longer trip through Cairo as well as Istanbul. Egyptair takes the same 2-stop route. The average flight to Izmir takes between 15 and 20 hours.

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The Tourist Attractions of Izmir:

Situated along Turkey’s Aegean Coast, the area surrounding Izmir is full of ancient history and beautiful scenery. Izmir itself has ancient origins, going back thousands of years as an urban settlement, and thousands more before that as an area that humans occupied. One of the main attractions for visitors to Izmir is the proximity to other ancient sites including the very impressive city of Ephesus in addition to Sardis and Pergamon. But before you head out of the city there are several things worth seeing in Izmir itself.

Agora Open Air Museum of Izmir
You can experience some of Izmir’s own ancient history within two sites that come under the title of the Agora Open Air Museum. Smyra and Old Smyra are two separate settlements, the older of which was a Greek settlement and the newer predominantly a Roman settlement, that mostly dates from around the 2nd century BC. This settlement forms most of the remains that you can now see today.

You might like to visit Agora in conjunction with the Izmir Archaeology Museum, and the Izmir Ethnography Museum (which are next door to eachother) to get a better understanding of the ancient city and the cultures who lived here.

Izmir Clock Tower
One of Izmir’s well known landmarks is the Izmir Clock Tower that stands in Konak Square by the harbour. The clock tower is of Ottoman origin, built in 1901 in beautiful marble, and has four fountains around the base.

Konak Square is one of the busiest parts of the city where you’ll also find Konak Mosque and Izmir City Hall. At one end of the square is a cultural centre that includes the Museum of Modern Art and an opera house.

Kadifekale Castle
Situated on the top of Kadifekale Hill is a castle of the same name. The castle is in ruins but it’s a popular attraction all the same, not least because of some of the great views you can get over parts of Izmir from up here. Restoration works have been underway for several years now.

Shopping in Izmir
Shopping is a popular pastime in Izmir and tourists should not miss the bazaar area where you can buy just about anything. But the city does also offer modern malls and many other places to shop too.

When Should You Visit?:

With Izmir’s warm Mediterranean climate you could essentially visit this city at any time of the year. Summers are long, hot and dry with virtually no rainfall between June and August. Winter is wetter, but it’s also mild, dropping down to an average high of 11.7C in January, the coldest month. November to March are by far the wettest months.

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