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Flights to Cambridge

image of CambridgeMost famous as a university town, Cambridge is a city that’s located in the county of Cambridgeshire about 80 kilometres north east of the capital, London. Cambridge has long been popular as a tourist destination because of its world famous university and history, plus museums, architecture, culture and more.

The local Cambridge Airport (airport code: CBG) doesn’t handle much commercial service, and definitely not international flights to Cambridge. The nearest airport with service from Johannesburg is London’s Heathrow Airport (code: LHR). It’s less than 2 hours away by bus or train. You can get non-stop flights to Cambridge arriving in Heathrow, with Virgin Atlantic, BMI or British Airways. There are a number of 1-stop choices, such as with Iberia with a connection in Madrid. SwissAir and Lufthansa both connect in Munich. Overall, there are more than a dozen options though for a flight to Cambridge.

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The Tourist Attractions of Cambridge:

For many visitors to Cambridge the big attraction is the historic and world famous university, and all over the city there are colleges and buildings that form part of Cambridge University that are tourist attractions in themselves. Many are open to the public either for free or for a small entrance fee but don’t come during exam time as they’ll be closed to the public then.

King’s College is one of the famous colleges of the university and includes King’s College Chapel, plus there’s Queen’s College which includes the famous Mathematical Bridge and the beautiful Old Hall. Trinity College is also famous but there are several others you can visit too.

Cambridge Museums
Alongside the university there are also several other things to see and do in Cambridge include a number of excellent museums, some of which are linked to the university in some way. The Fitzwilliam Museum is one of these, and it features art and antiquities including the impressive Egyptian Galleries.

The University Museum of Zoology is a good one to visit if you’re interested in the animal kingdom, and Cambridge also has a couple of museums dedicated to archaeology and the like, including the Museum of Classical Archaeology, and the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

Cambridge’s Folk Museum offers a far more local perspective than many of the larger museums, showing life in the South Cambridgeshire villages.

Punting and Rowing on the Cam
The River Cam runs through the heart of Cambridge and is a popular attraction both for locals and visitors. You could catch some rowing on the Cam or do some yourself, or take the punting option where you travel along in a gondola-like boat that’s propelled along by pushing a wooden pole into the bottom of the shallow river.

When Should You Visit?:

Cambridge has a mild climate with fairly consistent levels of rainfall across the year. Summers are warm and winters are mild so in effect you could visit at any time of the year though summers are most popular. July and August both have an average high of 22C and low of 12C while the coolest month, January has an average high of 7C.

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