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image of CarlisleNicknamed ‘Border City’ because it is only 16 kilometres from the border with Scotland is the city of Carlisle. Carlisle is situated within the English county of Cumbria in the north west of England and is an ancient settlement that goes back to Roman times.

Flights to Carlisle Airport (airport code: CAX) are limited to local flights and general aviation. Instead, come to the Newcastle Airport (code: NCL) in Newcastle upon Tyne, about 100 kilometres away. There are buses and regular rail routes between the two cities. British Airways and Virgin Atlantic both have flights to Carlisle (arriving in Newcastle) from South Africa and make their stops in London, but South African Airways goes through Dubai instead. Lufthansa has connections in Frankfurt and Dusseldorf. The duration of flights to Carlisle range from 15 to more than 25 hours long.

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The Tourist Attractions of Carlisle:

Most of the tourist attractions in Carlisle are historical ones owing to the fact that Carlisle is an ancient city and has had an important past. Depending on where exactly the border was between England and Scotland (as this did change a number of times) sometimes Carlisle was the last city in Scotland, or the last city in England. Whichever it was, Carlisle had to be a well defended city. The Romans built a timber fort at Carlisle, and they also built the nearby famous Hadrian’s Wall which marked the edge of the Roman Empire in Britain. The remains of Hadrian’s Wall remains a tourist attraction to this day and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987.

Carlisle Castle
Carlisle always needed to be well defended so Carlisle Castle was built on the site of the old Roman fort starting from 1093. This original castle was a Norman style motte and bailey castle but it was soon replaced by a stone castle with a keep and city walls from 1122. The extensive Carlisle Castle has been well preserved and is today maintained by English Heritage. Visitors can, for an admission fee, tour the castle and grounds.

Carlisle Cathedral
Carlisle Cathedral is the city’s other major landmark. First founded as an Augustine monastery it became a cathedral in 1133. Today it’s the second smallest ancient cathedral in the country yet it still has some very beautiful features. The East Window is particularly well known due to its large size and decorations.

The Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery
If you’re interested in the history of Carlisle as a border town and want to know more about Hadrian’s Wall then the Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery is a great attraction. It features collections of antiquities from Roman times from the fort at Carlisle as well as objects associated with Hadrian’s Wall. There are also displays on natural subjects too such as zoological, botanical and geological material, and fine and decorative arts.

The museum is housed within a former Jacobean mansion which is quite an attraction in itself and a grade 1 listed building.

When Should You Visit?:

Carlisle has an oceanic climate which means the city is quite mild and has rainfall throughout the year. Spring and summer are the drier periods, and the warmest month is August when the average high is 20C. January is the coolest month but at an average high of 7C it’s quite mild.

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