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image of ChesterSituated in the county of Cheshire is the city of Chester, one of the UK’s best preserved walled cities. Chester has plenty of history and historical buildings and makes a good base for exploring into North Wales, just a short distance away.

The nearest major airport for flights to Chester is the Liverpool John Lennon Airport (airport code: LPL), which is about a 40 minute train ride from Chester. When departing from Johannesburg, most flights to Chester have 2 stops except for KLM. They make a transfer just once in Amsterdam. You’ll also stop in Amsterdam with Kenya Airways, but there will be an additional connection in Nairobi. A different choice is available with Virgin Atlantic, and their flight to Chester stops in London and the Isle of Man.

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The Tourist Attractions of Chester:

Chester was founded by the Romans around 70AD as a fortress, so it’s an ancient city. Remains of that original Roman settlement can still be seen here today, along with remnants from several other periods in history.

Chester City Walls
Chester’s City Walls are the most complete city walls in Britain as they have been left largely intact since except for just a few breaks. The walls today mainly dates from the medieval and Victorian times though there are some parts that date as far back as the year 120 and are of Roman origin.

Chester City Walls are a popular tourist attraction because there’s a footpath running along the top of the wall. Walking along this gives visitors a chance to appreciate the length of the walls and also gives some good vistas from which to see parts of the city.

Eastgate Clock
Said to be the most photographed clock in England after Big Ben’s clock, the Eastgate Clock in Chester is another of the city’s major landmarks. The archway on which the clock stands served as the entrance into the Roman fortress, called Deva Victrix, and though the present gateway is not this old is does date from 1768. The clock was added in 1899.

Chester Rows
The Chester Rows are unique in Britain and a somewhat unusual form of architecture that is not believed to have been replicated anywhere in the world. There are Rows in the four main streets of Chester, and these along with the black and white medieval architecture make this one of the city’s major tourist attractions. Chester Rows have a covered walkway on the first floor level from which you can access some shops. On street level there’s also access to shops that are partly submerged and often entered by going down several steps.

Other Chester Landmarks
Chester has a number of other important landmarks too. Chester Town Hall is one and it features striking Gothic Revival architecture and was built in the 1860s. Chester Cathedral is another. It was formally the abbey church of a Benedictine monastery, dating from 1093.

Chester High Cross is right in the heart of the city and if you come here during the summer you’ll often be able to hear announcements from the town crier!

When Should You Visit?:

Chester is popular during the summer months when the temperatures are mild. The average high in July is 20C, or come in late spring or early autumn for mild weather too. Rainfall can happen at any time of the year so be prepared for showers.

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