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image of ChichesterThe city of Chichester is situated in the county of West Sussex in south east England. Chichester is an ancient city and is set amidst the beautiful countryside of the South Downs, offering visitors history, culture and scenery when they visit this English city.

There are two airport options for international flights to Chichester, Heathrow Airport (airport code: LHR) which is about 90 kilometres away, or London Gatwick (LGW), about 77 kilometres away. When travelling from South Africa a flight to Chichester arriving at Heathrow airport will be more readily available, and there are a selection of buses and trains between London and Chichester. Non-stop flights to Chichester (landing at Heathrow) are available with BMI, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, all taking around 11 hours. You can fly with South African Airways or Egyptair instead, for an 18-hour flight that transfers through Cairo with either airline.

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The Tourist Attractions of Chichester:

Chichester is a nice city to visit whether or not you’re interested in specific tourist attractions. It’s not a very large city so has more of a town feel and a pleasant city centre with numerous shops, pubs and restaurants to enjoy. Those who do prefer to seek out some of Chichester’s landmarks will find there are several of interest including the following:

Roman Chichester
Chichester was settled by the Romans and some historians have argued that the settlement here at Chichester was the springboard for the invasion of Britain. Today’s city centre stands on top of the old Roman city foundations, and there are parts of the later city walls that still exist today that were also built on top of Roman fortifications.

Not much else remains of the Roman occupation except for a few signs of their presence. This includes an amphitheatre which although buried visitors can still make out the outline on a bank in one of Chichester’s public parks. The street layout is also a remnant from Roman times, with streets radiating out from a central point, namely the Chichester Cross (see below). Just a few kilometres outside of Chichester is the village of Fishbourne and here you can see the remains of a Roman palace that was built in the 1st century AD.

Chichester Cathedral
Chichester Cathedral is one of the best known landmarks of the city. It was founded in 1075 and the present cathedral has sections of both Norman and Gothic architecture. The Bell Tower, which is actually separate from the main cathedral building, was constructed in the 15th century.

Chichester Cross
Right in the centre of Chichester is the Chichester Cross. This is what’s known as a Market Cross and stands at the intersection of four main Chichester streets. It was built between 1477 and 1503 and was built so that the poor people had somewhere to congregate and sell their wares, essentially providing the service of a small market place.

When Should You Visit?:

Chichester’s climate is much like the rest of the UK, mild and temperate. Rainfall occurs throughout the year but lessens in the summer months which are also the hottest – July and August both have average highs of 22C. Spring and autumn are warm too, while winters are mild with an average high of 8C in January.

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