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image of CoventryCoventry is the England’s 9th largest city and it’s situated in the West Midlands just 30 kilometres east of the larger city of Birmingham. Much of Coventry was destroyed during bombing in the Second World War but the city does still retain some of its historical buildings, as well as the remains of an ancient Roman settlement.

Birmingham International Airport (airport code: BHX) is the closest airport for flights to Coventry. It’s 17 kilometres outside of Coventry and there is bus service as well as major motorways for easy access. Flights to Coventry from South Africa with South African Airways have 1 stop in Frankfurt, and Lufthansa makes a single connection in Munich. KLM is another option, and they have a transfer point in Amsterdam instead. Duration of flights to Coventry can vary widely, and it can take anywhere between 12 and 24 hours for the trip.

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The Tourist Attractions of Coventry:

Though much of historic Coventry was destroyed or badly damaged by the Luftwaffe in World War 2 the city does still have some historic attractions to visit. Since the city was rebuilt, some of the newer buildings may not be as attractive as those that they replaced, but with its range of things to see and do Coventry still makes a good city to visit.

Coventry Cathedral
Also known as St Michael’s Cathedral, Coventry Cathedral is one of those historic buildings that was hit by the bombings. St Michael’s was one of the city’s most striking landmarks – a 14th century church that was later designated as a cathedral and was Gothic in design. On the night of 14th November 1940 the cathedral was hit and nearly destroyed, but rather than demolish what remained of the cathedral Coventry decided that they would incorporate the ruins into the design of the new one. Today then you can still see the tall spire of the original cathedral as well as the walls which form a courtyard with garden and benches.

Lunt Roman Fort
There are even earlier glimpses of history to be seen in the Coventry area though. Lunt Roman Fort is situated just outside Coventry city centre and it dates back to the year AD60. There are some remains of the original fort plus parts of the fort that have been reconstructed. When you visit you might also catch a re-enactment of Roman life at the fort.

Coventry Transport Museum
Coventry has several museums and of these the Coventry Transport Museum is one of the largest and most popular. The museum is home to the largest collection of British-made road transport and includes over 240 cars and trucks, 100 motorcycles and 200 bicycles. Entrance into the museum is free so you could visit here several times during your stay in Coventry!

The Midland Air Museum is another transport related museum and it’s situated a little way outside of the city next to the Coventry Airport.

Herbert Art Gallery and Museum
For a more general look at history you can visit the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum. The museum includes the Coventry History Gallery where you can find out more about Coventry’s history. Gallery spaces include temporary exhibitions that have come from such institutions as The British Museum.

When Should You Visit?:

As with most of Britain there’s rainfall throughout the year in Coventry so come with a raincoat or umbrella and be prepared for showers. During the summer you should have warm temperatures with average highs around the low 20’s C. Winters are cooler with an average high around 6C in January.

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