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image of GlasgowSituated in west central Scotland is the nation’s largest city, Glasgow, and third largest city in the United Kingdom. Glasgow grew as an industrial city and up until several decades ago the city had a rough reputation. Glasgow has now well and truly shaken this shady past and is a popular tourist destination with plenty to see and do.

There are 2 large airports in Glasgow, the Glasgow International Airport (airport code: GLA) and the Glasgow Prestwick Airport (code: PIK). The first one is much closer to the city (13km) and is the arrival point for most international flights to Glasgow. British Airways, BMI and South African Airways all have a 1-stop flight to Glasgow from South Africa through London, but Lufthansa will take you via Munich as well as London. You can also catch a flight to Glasgow with KLM for stops in Nairobi and Amsterdam.

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The Tourist Attractions of Glasgow:

In the late 1800s and early 1900s Glasgow was known as the ‘Second City of the British Empire’ and became a large and prosperous city. Despite this wealth there were still many people living in poor conditions in Glasgow’s famous tenement housing blocks, giving the city a somewhat rough and run-down reputation. Over the past decades Glasgow has really pulled itself out from this reputation and is second only to London as the UK’s most liveable city. In 1990 Glasgow was the European Capital of Culture in recognition of the many cultural attractions, and it’s become one of the most visited cities in the UK when it comes to tourism. Popular among the tourists are the many excellent cultural attractions and museums the city has to offer, and shopping that’s said to be up there with London.

There are so many museums, parks and other things to see in Glasgow so here are just some of the most popular tourist attractions:

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum
Like many of Glasgow’s museums the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is owned by the state and is free to enter. This museum has become the most popular in the UK, outside of London, and it’s housed within an impressive piece of architecture, both inside and out. The civic art collection is renowned and includes many excellent pieces of European art such as Scottish Colourists, Old Masters and French Renaissance.

The arms and armoury collection is also said to be one of the best in the world, plus the Kelvingrove also has a very good natural history collection.

Gallery of Modern Art
For visitors to Glasgow who prefer modern art over the more contemporary art of the Kelvingrove there’s the Gallery of Modern Art. It features both local and international works of contemporary art. Another art museum in Glasgow is the Burrell Collection which includes art, furniture, sculptures and international artefacts.

Glasgow Cathedral
Glasgow Cathedral is one of the city’s many landmarks. Technically it hasn’t been a cathedral since 1690 because it is not the seat of any bishop, but the title has been retained anyway. It features Gothic architecture from medieval times and is located on a site that’s been consecrated as holy land since 397AD.

Clyde Auditorium
Another famous landmark, fondly called the Armadillo, is Clyde Auditorium. This is one of many cultural establishments in Glasgow and is mainly used as a concert hall.

When Should You Visit?:

Despite being quite far north Glasgow is actually quite a mild city though wet city. Lower rainfall and warmer temperatures can be experience between June and August but rainfall gets considerably heavier from September to January. The January average high is 6.4C.

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