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image of HerefordHereford is a small yet beautiful city in rural England, close to the border with Wales. Located on the River Wye, Hereford offers pretty bridges, a cathedral, historic buildings and more, all within several hours of London.

Hereford doesn’t have its own airport and though there are regional airports in the vicinity most international travellers will choose a flight to Hereford that arrives at Heathrow Airport (airport code: LHR) in London and either take the train or drive to Hereford. It’s roughly 2 hours by road, or 3 by rail. There are several options for non-stop flights to Hereford (landing at Heathrow) when coming from South Africa. You can fly with Virgin Atlantic, BMI or British Airways for direct service. Alternatively, Egyptair and South African Airways both have the same 1-stop route through Cairo.

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The Tourist Attractions of Hereford:

Hereford is an ancient city and most of the attractions here are of an historical nature. With a population of only around 55,000 people Hereford is a small city but it’s a city nevertheless because it has a cathedral. The small size of the city makes this an attractive destination with enough to keep you occupied for a few days, without feeling rushed off your feet!

Hereford Cathedral
Hereford Cathedral can be seen from most parts of the city so it’s definitely Hereford’s most striking landmark. The beautiful building dates from the 12th and 13th centuries as it is thought to have been built between 1110 and 1250 although the cathedral diocese is ancient, dating back to the year 680.

Hereford Cathedral is popular both as a landmark and for an important document that visitors can see inside, the Hereford Mappa Mundi. Dating from around 1300 this is the largest medieval map still known to exist and is a map of the world as it was thought to be in medieval times.

The Old House
While Hereford has a selection of historic buildings The Old House is probably the most famous and recognisable because it is so distinctive. This is a black and white half-timbered house which was built in 1621. It was once part of a row of similar houses but now only this one remains and throughout its life it’s been used for a variety of purposes including as a butchers, ironmongers, and bankers.

Since 1929 The Old House has been in operation as a museum so both the inside and outside have been preserved for future generations to enjoy. The museum displays how the house would have looked in Jacobean times through its furniture and displays of personal items making this an interesting place to visit while in Hereford.

Hereford Museum and Art Gallery
Hereford is also home to a Museum and Art Gallery. Housed within a Victorian Gothic building this museum is more general than that inside The Old House and features displays and exhibits on fine and decorative arts, and a range of artefacts all associated in some way with the local area.

When Should You Visit?:

Hereford has a mild climate with rainfall to be expected in every month of the year, but peaking in October and lowest during the summer. The average high in July and August is a warm 23C while spring and autumn can be a nice time to visit Hereford too. Winters are mild but damp and the average high drops to 7C in December.

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