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image of Kingston upon HullOfficially named the City of Kingston upon Hull, though often known simply as Hull, this city in the north east of England offers a vibrant alternative to some of the region’s other popular cities. Kingston upon Hull features numerous museums and theatres making this a popular spot for culture lovers in particular.

Flights to Kingston upon Hull come to the Humberside Airport (airport code: HUY), which is about 24 kilometres away from the city. There is a public bus for access to and from the airport. The only 1-stop flight to Kingston upon Hull from South Africa is with KLM, and they offer a connection in Amsterdam. Kenya Airways takes a route through Nairobi as well as Amsterdam, and Egyptair stops in Cairo and then Amsterdam. Flights can take between 14 and 22 hours, depending on the airline.

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The Tourist Attractions of Kingston upon Hull:

Kingston upon Hull was founded in the 12th century and became a thriving market town. During the English Civil War Kingston upon Hull played an important part, and much later, during the Second World War, the city was targeted and heavily bombed because of it being a major port and industrial centre. Today some of the city’s impressive historical buildings still stand, and these combined with Kingston upon Hull’s number of museums are the city’s main tourist attractions.

Kingston upon Hull’s Museum Quarter
If you enjoy museums you’ll want to spend most of your time in Kingston upon Hull in the Museum Quarter. Located along the High Street, which is in the heart of the Old Town of Kingston upon Hull, the Museum Quarter has an interesting selection of museums that will appeal to most tastes including several that focus on the city’s maritime connection.

Arctic Corsair
The Arctic Corsair was a deep sea trawler and was converted into a museum ship in 1999. The ship is the last surviving trawler of its kind and the museum exhibits focus on Kingston upon Hull’s deep sea fishing industry which was an important part of the city’s economy for many years.

Hull Maritime Museum
Along similar lines is Kingston upon Hull’s Maritime Museum. This museum takes a more general look at the maritime history of the city and is appropriately situated within the old Dock Offices, an impressive Victorian building that was constructed in 1872.

The Deep
A landmark building and one of Kingston upon Hull’s top tourist attractions is The Deep. This is a large and impressive aquarium that houses thousands of marine species and interesting exhibits that are both educational and fun.

Other Museums in Kingston upon Hull
Kingston upon Hull’s museums are not just of a nautical nature! There are a number of other museums covering different subjects, such as the Wilberforce House. This is a house museum and birth place of William Wilberforce, an MP who helped to abolish slavery in England. There’s also the Streetlife Museum of Transport which has a collection of veteran cars, horse drawn carriages and more.

When Should You Visit?:

Kingston upon Hull has a temperate maritime climate and is best visited for sightseeing during the summer. Temperatures from June to September are mild and it’s generally sunny and drier and this time of the year. Winters are mild but damp, with a average high of 7C in January.

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