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image of LancasterIn the north west of England is the small city of Lancaster, the county town of the county of Lancashire and its namesake. This pretty little city has plenty of history associated with it and a good selection of sights and landmarks for visitors to enjoy.

Flights to Lancaster are served by the Blackpool International Airport (airport code: BLK), and the city is accessible from the airport by rail, tram, bus and motorway. Coming from Johannesburg, all flights to Lancaster will have 2 connections. Lufthansa stops in Frankfurt and Dublin, and South African Airways takes a route through Munich and Dublin. You can also fly with KLM to Amsterdam and Dublin. Regardless of which airline you choose, this is usually a very long flight. With long transfer times, the total flight to Lancaster will take more than 40 hours.

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The Tourist Attractions of Lancaster:

With its selection of tourist attractions a visit to Lancaster would suit many different tastes, though especially those who are interested in history and historical architecture.

Lancaster Castle
Lancaster Castle is one of the major landmarks of the city, and this structure definitely has a lot of history to share. The castle started life right back in Roman times when a Roman fort was built here in Lancaster and the layout of the town that that followed was influenced by the fort’s hilltop position.

Lancaster Castle that stands here today is thought to have been built on top of the old Roman foundations around the year 1090. Today it is the oldest standing building in the city and has served as a prison and a courthouse for many years. Unfortunately this means that many parts of the castle are off limits to the public but there are daily guided tours available around certain sections of it.

Ashton Memorial
The Ashton Memorial is what’s known as a folly and was built in the early 1900’s by a wealthy industrialist in honour of his second wife. This grand structure has been called the Taj Mahal of the North and if nothing else it offers some fabulous views over Lancaster.

The Memorial stands in Williamson Park which is itself a popular place for locals and visitors alike. The Ashton Memorial is the park’s focal point though there is also a butterfly house, fountains and more to enjoy here too.

Museums in Lancaster
Visitors who enjoy museums will find a selection of several available here in Lancaster. These include several historic houses such as the Cottage Museum, and the Judges’ Lodgings. In terms of art there’s the Peter Scott Gallery and for museums focusing on history and culture try the Lancaster City Museum and the Lancaster Maritime Museum.

When Should You Visit?:

The best time to visit Lancaster is during the summer when you can expect mild to warm temperatures. Come prepared for rain as his can fall at any time of the year, and during the winter months this might fall as snow instead. Winters are relatively mild for the latitude of Lancaster, but when the cold combines with damp it can feel colder than the average high and is not the best time for sightseeing.

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