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image of LichfieldA very old city, Lichfield is filled with history, culture and the arts rather than modern attractions. Many of the buildings are just as they were hundreds of years ago, and there are sites to be visited where you can see the past brought to life.

Lichfield doesn’t have its own airport, but you can arrive at the Birmingham International Airport (airport code: BHX) and get a train to Lichfield. It’s only 13 kilometres away so the transfer is quick and easy. South African Airways and Lufthansa both have a 1-stop flight to Lichfield that stops in Munich, and KLM makes a transfer in Amsterdam. Alternatively, you can stop in Frankfurt with BMI. The average duration for flights to Lichfield is around 15 hours long, including layover times.

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The Tourist Attractions of Lichfield:

Lichfield Cathedral
Not only is the Lichfield Cathedral an amazing example of gothic architecture, it’s unusual because it has 3 towering spires. The cathedral and surrounding grounds are open to visitors, though there are regular Sunday services held there as well which you can attend if you’d like, or if you prefer not to attend it’s best to avoid these times. Donations are accepted on entry but there is no formal ticket price.

The Guildhall
You can see a little more gothic architecture at the Guildhall. The original building on the site was built around 600 years ago, though it has undergone extensive refurbishment in the last 200 years. It’s had many political and social uses during its life, including as a jail for debtors.

National Memorial Arboretum
There are 150 acres to the Arboretum grounds in Lichfield, landscaped beautifully with a central memorial to those who have served in the Armed Forces or other civil service. There are several memorial locations on the grounds, and poppies are available year round for those who wish to pay their respects. It’s just north of Lichfield, and admission is free.

Samuel Johnson Museum
One of the more famous Lichfield natives is Samuel Johnson, who was born in 1709. He was a respected literary figure best known for his work on the “Dictionary of the English Language”. The place where he was born has been turned into a museum, giving visitors a glance into history. The building has been renovated and furnished in period style, and houses displays about Johnson’s work and life, as well as about life in Lichfield during the 1700s. There is a bookshop as well. The museum is open year-round and admission is free.

Erasmus Darwin House
Another famous figure around Lichfield is Erasmus Darwin, grandfather to the renowned Charles Darwin. Erasmus was a scientist and physician who lived in the late 1700s, and whose ideas about evolution were eventually expanded on by Charles. Aside from that association, he had many of his own scientific advances to his name. You can learn more about him at his home, now a museum. Not only are the displays about Erasmus Darwin’s personal life, but also the scientific and medical fields of the era.

When Should You Visit?:

You will find comfortable weather in Lichfield any month of the year, though the winters will get down to around freezing. During the summer, it will be warm with normal daytime highs no more than 20C (68F). It can vary widely though, getting cooler to 10C (50F) during the same day. The best months to travel would be between May and October.

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