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image of LincolnLincoln is another British “cathedral city”, known mainly for its historic locations and enormous gothic cathedral that overlooks the city which is situated in the county of Lincolnshire in the East Midlands of England.

The nearest airport for flights to Lincoln is the Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield (airport code: DSA) in Doncaster. There are regular trains between Lincoln and Doncaster for transit between the two. From Johannesburg, there are only a few airlines that offer flights to Lincoln, all with 2 connections. Virgin Atlantic and British Airways both make transfer stops in London as well as Belfast, and United Airlines has an American stopover in New York City and then Dublin.

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The Tourist Attractions of Lincoln:

Lincoln Cathedral
Though it’s usually just called the Lincoln Cathedral, it’s actually named the Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Lincoln. Construction was underway at various times between the years 1185 and 1311, and is reflected in the classic gothic style. The spires have since collapsed but the 3 towers still remain. The interior is just as spectacular as the exterior, and tours are available to the public for a small fee. Services are still held on Sundays as well and offer an alternative way to see inside this impressive building.

Lincoln Castle
Not to be confused with the cathedral, Lincoln Castle is a true British castle built by William the Conqueror. Not only are the building and grounds impressive, you can also see one of the original copies of the Magna Carta kept at the castle. Part of the building houses a museum where you can learn more about this period in Lincoln’s history that’s especially popular with those who are interested in old English castles.

Jew’s House – Court
These are two neighbouring buildings that also come from the same 12th century period as many of the historical sites in Lincoln. Jew’s House is a townhouse in the Steep Hill area that is currently used as a restaurant. The original owner was likely Jewish, hence the name. Most of the outside stonework and windows are original. The building next door is Jew’s Court, and it is the oldest British synagogue.

Steep Hill
Not a specific attraction, but a very historical part of the city where you can find lots of interesting buildings, pubs and shops. As the name likely suggests, it’s a very steep road with the Cathedral entrance at the top. There are actually handrails along the walkways to help you keep balanced.

Lincoln Arboretum
Lincoln Arboretum is a fine place to go walking, through 22 acres of paths, trees, fountains and ponds. It was first established in 1870, so it is both historic as well as natural. Guided tours are available or you can just wander about on your own.

The Pink Pig
This oddly named attraction is mainly a restaurant where you can enjoy some extremely fresh produce and home-cooked food, but they also have a working farm and petting zoo area for the kids as well. Located just outside Lincoln, it’s free to walk around but there is a ticket cost to the Farm Trail play area.

When Should You Visit?:

Summers are usually best for visiting, as the winter months are damp as well as cold. July and August are the warmest, with highs around 20C (68F) but it can also drop to around 10C (50F) in the evenings. June and September are also very pleasant for walking around without getting too chilly.

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