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image of ManchesterThe City of Manchester is situated in North West England in a beautiful part of the country bounded by the Pennines. Manchester grew as an industrial city but today it’s best known for its vibrant culture.

The Manchester Airport (airport code: MAN) is one of the busiest in the UK, and there is transit to the airport by bus, shuttle, tram and rail. Most flights to Manchester from South Africa have 1 stop, but Brussels Airlines has a 2-stop route through Frankfurt and Brussels. Otherwise, you can stop just once in London with either South African Airways, BMI or British Airways. Turkish Airways also has a flight to Manchester with their usual transfer in Istanbul, though a flight to Manchester transferring in London should be the quicker route.

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The Tourist Attractions of Manchester:

A few decades ago Manchester certainly wasn’t thought of as a tourist destination, but much has changed! It’s now the third visited city in the UK and is most popular for its vibrant culture, despite the fact that this grew up as an industrial town, famous for its textile manufacturing. Manchester is actually said to have been the world’s first industrialised city because its expansion followed the development of the Industrial Revolution so closely.

During the Second World War many of the historic buildings were badly damaged or destroyed altogether so Manchester lost some of its industrial heritage, and when manufacturing declined in the decades following the war so too did Manchester. From the 1980s onwards the city saw regeneration, culminating in the popular place it’s become today.

Manchester is a very large city and there are things to see and do in each of its districts, so here are some of the highlights:

Castlefield is one of the inner city areas of Manchester and it ahs several attractions to visit. This was the site of a Roman era fort, named Mamucium, dating from 79AD. The fort has been reconstructed today and it’s one of the city’s popular landmarks for visitors. Castlefield is also an area with several attractive canals that have been restored in recent years and provide places to walk. The historic bridges are popular landmarks too.

The Museum of Science and Industry is one of Manchester’s many museums and it’s housed within the historic former Liverpool Road Railway Station which is itself another historical attraction. There’s also the Granada TV Studios in a nearby warehouse and a studios tour is available.

Manchester Museums
Across the city there are numerous other museums, each with their own unique attraction. The Imperial War Museum North has excellent displays and is housed within one of Manchester’s more modern architectural creations. It’s situated not far from Old Trafford, the home of the famous football team, Manchester United.

Manchester Art Gallery is within another impressive building and it has a good collection of art to ogle over. Then there’s also the People’s History Museum amongst others.

Other Attractions in Manchester
With so many things to see and do in Manchester it’s difficult to pick out what to do if you’re only here for a short time. Shopping is very popular in the city centre as there are many shopping centres and streets full of shops to browse.

Look out for some of Manchester’s other landmarks including Manchester Cathedral, and the Town Hall, and by night make use of the diverse range of restaurants and nightlife on the city.

When Should You Visit?:

Manchester’s climate is like most of the rest of the UK, temperate and mild. Summers are warm on average, as can be spring and autumn, while winters can be cool. Rainfall comes steady throughout the year.

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