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image of NewcastleOften known just as Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne is a city steeped in history, but with a vibrant and modern centre, situated on the Tyne River in the north east of England.

Approximately 10 kilometres from the city is the Newcastle International Airport (airport code: NCL), that can be reached by bus or light rail. From South Africa, BMI and Virgin Atlantic have 1-stop flights to Newcastle upon Tyne that go through London, but South African Airways makes the trip through Dubai instead. You can go a different way if you book with Lufthansa, as their flight to Newcastle upon Tyne travels to Munich and then also to Dusseldorf.

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The Tourist Attractions of Newcastle:

St. Nicholas Cathedral
St Nicholas Cathedral is one of the tallest buildings in the city, and it was originally built in 1091. Two hundred years later, it was destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1359. Even so, it’s still an extremely old church. As with many other gothic cathedrals in Britain, it’s open for visitors but also still an active place of worship so tours on Sundays are not a good idea.

Castle Keep
An amazingly well-preserved castle built in the late 1100s by Henry II, the Castle Keep is a Norman-style keep with towers, garrison rooms, a great hall, and a chapel. The grounds are also home to an old Anglo-Saxon cemetery. Open for tours 7 days a week and there is a small admission fee (kids under 18 are free). The Keep is located within walking distance of St. Nicholas’ Cathedral in the heart of town.

Hadrian’s Wall
Hadrian’s Wall is not a particularly dramatic site in Newcastle upon Tyne, but a very important historical one. Though the remains of the wall extend through the countryside, there are some very important ruins right in the city. The excavation site of the Segedunum Fort is located at Wallsend, and you can see parts of the original construction as well as some reconstructed areas. In particular, the bath house has been rebuilt with great detail. Open daily, but with limited hours over the winter months.

Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art
Not everything in Newcastle upon Tyne is historic in nature. The Baltic Centre is filled with ever-changing exhibits of modern art. There are no permanent collections, but rather an ongoing series of exhibitions from mainly local artists. The building is located in Gateshead, on the south side of the river and admission is free.

Great North Museum
Located on Barras Bridge, near the university, the Great North Museum is a traditional museum filled with archaeological and natural history exhibits along with a planetarium. Aquariums hold a collection of live animal specimens, and there are dinosaur skeletons as well. They are open all week long, with short hours on Sundays and there is no admission fee.

Tynemouth Castle and Priory
A pair of ruins on one site, with the priory dating back to the 7th century. Many of the walls are still intact in the Newcastle upon Tyne attraction, but the buildings are not complete nor furnished. Even so, the site is spectacular along with a great view over the North Sea.

When Should You Visit?:

The weather in Newcastle is fairly typical for the UK, so the summers are comfortable without being excessively hot and rain is common. You’ll find the warmest weather in July and August, with typical highs at around 18C (65F). Winter months are around the freezing point, and snows can be heavy so it isn’t the best time to visit.

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