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image of NottinghamFamous for its notoriety in the story of Robin Hood, Nottingham isn’t just a city from legend. It’s a fairly small city in the middle of England, known also for its historic lace industry.

The closest airport for flights to Nottingham is the East Midlands Airport (airport code: EMA), about 32 kilometres away from the city. You can get there by bus, taxi or rental car. Several airlines have 2-stop flights to Nottingham from South Africa, including South African Airways. They have connections in Zurich and Brussels, and Lufthansa has a similar route through Munich and Brussels. If you fly with Egyptair, you’ll stop in Cairo and Brussels. Most flights to Nottingham are around 15 to 20 hours long.

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The Tourist Attractions of Nottingham:

Nottingham Castle
Don’t let the name give you any false expectations. Nottingham Castle is really just a reconstructed mansion. There did used to be a castle on this location, but years of warfare over its hundreds of years of history eventually destroyed the buildings. A mansion was built on the site, and is now a museum for the history of Nottingham and the original castle. The castle gate house is still standing, and another impressive sight. There is an admission charge, and it’s closed on Mondays.

Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve
Yes, there really is a Sherwood Forest, and there is a public park within the larger protected forest area. The park is 450 acres, and access is free. It’s mainly just a forested area with hiking trails and picnic spots. In particular, you should stop and see the Major Oak. It’s estimated to be around 800 years old with a spread of branches nearly a hundred feet across.

Galleries of Justice Museum
The Galleries of Justice Museum is a historical look at the legal system in Nottingham, with special attention paid to various crimes and punishments of past eras. You can take a simple audio tour through the facility, or take part in one of the more interactive performances with actors playing the various roles of guards and prisoners. Located in the old courthouse and jail, the museum is open 7 days a week. Ticket prices vary depending on the tour you wish to take, and you should book your tour before your arrive because it’s a very busy attraction.

City of Caves
You might be surprised to know that underneath the city there is a network of 1000-year old caves all dug by hand. You can get to the City of Caves from the Broadmarsh Shopping Centre and see where people lived and worked for several centuries. There is a large tannery underground, the homes of the Drury Hill slums and you can also see where townspeople hid during World War II bombing attacks. You need to purchase tickets to see the caves, and they are open Monday to Friday for regular tours, and there are performance tours on the weekends.

When Should You Visit?:

No matter when you visit Nottingham, be prepared for the weather to change quickly and unexpectedly. A warm day can easily turn cool, even in the summers. Winters are cold (though not too snowy) and the spring months are rainy, so most tourists plan their trips during July and August. They are the warmest months, but it doesn’t get that hot. July has average highs of 22C (72F) with August being just a degree or two cooler.

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