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image of PeterboroughPeople have been living in the Peterborough area since the Bronze Age, and it has become a major industrial centre in more modern times. Today, the city has blended modern amenities without sacrificing its historical roots.

There are no commercial airports for direct flights to Peterborough, so you will have to arrive in London and take a 45-minutes train ride to Peterborough. The best airport in London for arrivals is Heathrow Airport (airport code: LHR). You can get non-stop flights to Peterborough (arriving at Heathrow) from Johannesburg with Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and BMI. You can also fly with SwissAir and travel through Zurich. The non-stop flights are around 12 hours, and flights with one connection are usually just a few hours longer.

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The Tourist Attractions of Peterborough:

Peterborough Cathedral
Like most popular British cathedrals, the one in Peterborough is still used as a house of worship so visiting on Sundays will give you limited access to the building. It’s a distinctive gothic building with 3 large arches making up the front fa├žade and there is no charge to visit but donations are always welcome.

Flag Fen
Flag Fen is a museum where you can learn more about the Bronze Age history of Peterborough. It’s at an archaeological dig site where a timber road has been unearthed along with other ancient structures and artefacts. There is an admission fee to enter the park, and it is generally only open on the weekends so you may want to call ahead to see what their current schedule is like.

Longthorpe Tower
An imposing 3-storey tower Longthorpe Tower was built in the 14th century. Inside, you can see some amazingly well-preserved wall paintings. Unfortunately, the site is not open very often so you may have to adjust your schedule if you wish to visit. Currently, there are tours only on the first Sunday of each month between April and the end of September and you’ll have to book in advance.

Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery
Exhibits include more than 200,000 items of historical, cultural and artistic importance for the area, plus there are paintings, drawings and other artefacts from the 17th century up until contemporary times. The hours vary through the week, and the gallery may be closed on Mondays for part of the year. The Peterborough city centre location is convenient and if you’re coming by car there is limited free parking.

Nene Valley Railway
The Nene Valley Railway runs for approximately 7 and a half miles between the Nene Valley and Yarwell Junction. There are historical stations at either end, and at 3 stops along the route. You can see dozens of old engines and railway cars as well as ride along the route, making this a popular family outing from Peterborough.

Burghley House
A sixteenth century home built just north of Peterborough by the 1st Baron of Burghley is open to the public for viewing and tours. The inside of the home is filled with period furnishings, artwork and more. You can either wander freely or take one of the guided tours. Outside, the grounds are filled with gardens and walkways. The park is free but there is admission into the house, which is not open during the winter.

When Should You Visit?:

Summer months are usually the best time for travellers to come to Peterborough, as the winters are a little chilly for walking around (though it’s usually above freezing). During June, July and August you can expect average daily high temperatures around 20C (68F) which is perfect. Unlike some English locations, rainfall is minimal.

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