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image of SouthamptonKnown for its association with the Titanic and a number of other famous cruise ships, Southampton is a large city on the south coast of England, in the county of Hampshire. Settled in AD43 Southampton has nearly two thousand of years of history to explore, as well as culture, recreation and much more.

The Southampton Airport (airport code: SOU) is just outside the city and can be reached either by train or by public bus. You can only get one non-stop flight to Southampton from South Africa, and that’s with Air France. They have one connection in Paris. If you fly with either British Airways or Virgin Atlantic, you’ll have stops in London and Manchester, though flying al the way to Manchester is not advisable. Your last option is with KLM, and they make connections in Amsterdam and then Paris. Flights are usually just under 20 hours long, or you can look at getting a flight to Southampton that arrives at Gatwick or Heathrow instead and then travelling by train or coach from there.

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The Tourist Attractions of Southampton:

The city of Southampton has more than just one or two things that make this a popular tourist attraction. It’s a destination that will appeal to many different tastes because of the variety of activities on offer. Being a coastal city there’s always the chance to get out on the water and go boating or sailing, or just ogle at the huge cruise ships that are often docked here getting ready to set off on another ocean cruise.

Southampton Boat Show
If you’re interested in boats the Southampton Boat Show is a good time to come and visit the city. It takes place every year in September and features hundreds of exhibitors as well as many events and activities that you can take part in too.

Southampton Maritime Museum
More of the maritime links with Southampton can be explored at the Southampton Maritime Museum and in particular the city’s connection with the famous RMS Titanic. Housed within a medieval building, the Wool House, this museum is a great visit for anyone interested in the Titanic and you can find out all about its links with Southampton including the many Sotonians who were killed when the ship sank in 1912.

The Bargate
Though Southampton was heavily bombed during the Second World War the city has managed to retain several of its older buildings. The Bargate is one of these famous landmarks and it was built in Norman times as part of the fortifications for Southampton. The original parts date to 1180 but some of the archways were added and though it was once surrounded by buildings, the surrounding buildings were demolished when the road was widened. Today you can visit the Bargate’s upper room which has been used as an art gallery for some years.

The Bargate was once part of Southampton’s city walls and though the walls can no longer be seen right by the Bargate they are still among the most complete city walls in England. You can walk their path, if interested, and there’s a signposted trail that you can follow.

When Should You Visit?:

Southampton is a nice place to visit during the summer when you can enjoy warm weather and the chance to get out on the water. July and August both have average highs of 20.6C, and July is the driest month of the year. September, when the Southampton Boat Show takes place, is mild to warm with an average high of 18C. Winters are mild though wetter.

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