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Located within the Greater Phoenix region of Arizona is the town of Gilbert. This fast growing town started as just a railroad siding in 1891 and is now a pleasant place to live and to visit.

If you need a flight to Gilbert, you’ll be coming into the Sky Harbor International Airport (airport code: PHX) which is located in Phoenix. There is a commuter bus service between Gilbert and Phoenix. You can get a couple of flights to Gilbert with just one stop from South Africa, like with United Airlines who have a connection in Frankfurt. Virgin Atlantic has 2 transfers, in London and Chicago. You will also transfer twice with South African Airways on their flight to Gilbert, but in London and Denver.

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The Tourist Attractions in Gilbert:

For the residents of Gilbert this has become a desirable town to live in, providing everything that’s needed on a day to day basis and although it’s an attractive place for tourists to visit too, Gilbert doesn’t have too much in the way of tourist attractions. One great benefit to visiting Gilbert is that it’s very close by to Phoenix. Phoenix is a cosmopolitan city with many different tourist attractions on offer so if you’re staying in Gilbert it’s worth heading in to Phoenix for several day trips to see all the sights and sounds of this much larger city.

Gilbert Historical Museum
Before the Arizona Eastern Railway decided to build a railway siding in the location that’s now Gilbert there was nothing here. The siding was built in 1891 and around it grew the town, providing services and shops to the people stopping in Gilbert on the trains. The town was officially incorporated in 1920 and was named Gilbert after the landowner whose property the siding was built on.

If you want to find out more about the history of Gilbert and the surrounding local area then you can visit the Gilbert Historical Museum. The museum focuses on local history and has a number of exhibits to see.

SanTan Village
The SanTan Village development in Gilbert is one of the town’s top attractions. This is a lifestyle centre that incorporates shopping, recreation, entertainment, office space and more. Rather than being just another shopping mall SanTan is different because it’s being constructed like a village community, featuring its own roads, parking etc. There are already a great many shops to enjoy here plus places to eat and a large multi-screen cinema complex. These will eventually form the heart of a much larger development. Right now you can shop at big names such as Dillard’s, Macy’s, and Barnes and Noble.

When Should You Visit?:

Gilbert is a town that you can visit throughout the year as it benefits from the warm weather which the state of Arizona is famous for. The arid climate means there’s little to no rain across the year and long, hot summers. For some visitors summer may be too hot as average highs reach into the 40’s C from June to August, and average lows are in the high 20’s C. Spring and autumn are very nice, and winters are warm with an average high of 19C in January, the coolest month.

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