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Flights to Aurora

image of AuroraAurora is a city in central Colorado and is the third largest city in the state. Nicknamed the Gateway to the Rockies, Aurora is indeed very close to the American Rockies, making this a good starting point for mountain exploration.

The nearest airport offering international flights to Aurora is the Denver International Airport (airport code: DEN), just outside of Denver. It’s the largest airport in the United States, so leave a bit of extra time to get around. Both South African Airways and British Airways have flights to Aurora (arriving in Denver), with just one stop in London. United also has a 1-stop flight, but going through Singapore instead. A flight with Virgin will connect in London and again in Chicago.

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The Tourist Attractions in Aurora:

Originally named Fletcher, the city of Aurora was renamed in 1907. Despite being a city in its own right Aurora is very close by to Colorado’s largest city, Denver, and is considered by many to be simply a suburb of the larger city. Aurora does have its own character though and several of its own tourist attractions, but visitors may like to consider a stay in Aurora as an alternative to Denver if you’re planning on visiting this area anyway.

Aurora History Museum
The Aurora History Museum is Aurora’s main tourist attraction. This is more than simply a museum as the building serves as a cultural centre for the city and is very community based. Historical and decorative arts exhibitions are constantly changing here so you never know what’s going to be on display when you visit! In addition the museum hosts educational programs, tours and workshops along with numerous other events throughout the year so check what’s happening when you’re in town.

Natural Attractions in Aurora
Although the Rocky Mountains really dominate this part of Colorado, Aurora does have several other natural attractions that tourists may like to visit for a change from the Rockies. There is the Cherry Creek State Park for example, the centre of which has a large reservoir where you can enjoy water sports, a sandy beach, and swimming. There are 35 miles (56km) of multiple use trails around the park, suitable for hiking, cycling and horseback riding, plus you’ll find picnic spots, fishing and wildlife here.

More Reasons to Visit Aurora
As mentioned, one of the big advantages with staying in Aurora is the proximity to Denver. Aurora has its own share of hotels and accommodation so you may well find it’s cheaper to stay here if nothing else. Use public transport to get into Denver proper and enjoy the larger variety of attractions that are in this city. Denver has numerous museums for example, such as the Colorado History Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, and the Denver Art Museum. The Denver Zoo is one of the city’s most popular attractions, or during the summer visit one of the USA’s largest water parks, called Waterworld. More theme park fun can be found at Six Flags Elitch Gardens.

When Should You Visit?:

Aurora has four distinct seasons so choose the time of year you want to visit according to what you’re going to be doing. During the winter there’s cold and snowy weather, and winters can be quite harsh. Once the snow has melted, late spring has mild temperatures, while summer is very pleasant with warm to hot temperatures and sunshine. Early autumn is mild also.

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