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Flights to Colorado Springs

image of Colorado SpringsSituated just east of the centre of the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado is the popular city of Colorado Springs. This is the second most populous city in the state and a very popular tourist destination with many great attractions for visitors to enjoy.

Seventeen kilometres (eleven miles) to the east of Colorado Springs’ downtown core is the Colorado Springs Municipal Airport (airport code: COS). It’s a fairly small airport, but is fully serviced for your convenience. Flights to Colorado Springs from Johannesburg usually have 2 connections, such as the route with Virgin Atlantic that stops in London and then Denver. British Airways also has the same flight to Colorado Springs. British Midland transfers in London, but their second stop is in Chicago. An alternative to a flight to Colorado Springs is to catch a flight to Denver International Airport and to travel from there. There may be more choice and at 128 kilometres distant the journey by car is bound to be more affordable.

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The Tourist Attractions in Colorado Springs:

Colorado Springs is a great year round destination and a very popular place for visitors who enjoy the great outdoors and outdoor recreation, particularly during the summer. Amongst the city’s most popular attractions are…

Pikes Peak
Probably Colorado Springs’ most famous attraction is Pikes Peak, a mountain overlooking the city. There are numerous ways to travel to the top of the peak. For visitors who are feeling particularly energetic you can hike up Barr Trail. Or if you want to ruin up visit during the Pikes Peak Ascent or the Pikes Peak Marathon! For the more regular tourists you can also drive up to the peak or take the scenic cog railway.

Garden of the Gods
In addition to Pikes Peak the other famous attraction in Colorado Springs is the Garden of the Gods. Far from what you might expect this isn’t a garden in the regular sense but instead features interestingly shaped sandstone rock formations that are situated within a city park. The formations are great to look at but very popular to climb too if you want to try out your rock climbing skills! There’s also plenty of hiking within the park.

Other Natural Attractions in Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs is full of natural attractions in addition to those mentioned above. Some of the other popular ones include Cave of the Winds where you can enjoy a guided tour of the caves. Seven Falls is a series of scenic falls and nature trails that are privately owned but accessible for a fee, or alternatively visit the nearby Helen Hunt Falls that are within the North Cheyenne Canon City Park.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
The zoo in Colorado Springs is called the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and although small it’s a great little place with a varied assortment of animals to see.

Colorado Springs Museums
Colorado Springs also features a number of different museums such as the May Natural History Museum that kids who like insects will definitely enjoy! The Ghost Town Museum may attract a larger audience. This 1800’s old west town has been frozen in time and is lots of fun for adults and children. Amongst the things you can do here is to pan for real gold!

When Should You Visit?:

For enjoying all of the outdoor recreation in Colorado Springs the best time to visit is the summer. June, July and August are the warmest months with pleasant temperatures in the mid to high 20’s C. Precipitation is possible throughout the year but from October through to April and even May some years this may fall as snow rather than rain, due to the high altitude of Colorado Springs.

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