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image of AugustaSituated in the east of the US state of Georgia is the city of Augusta. This is the second largest city in the state (after Atlanta) and is best known around the world for being the home of The Masters golf tournament that occurs every year here in the spring.

The Augusta Regional Airport (airport code: AGS) is about 11 kilometres (7 miles) outside the city, and changed its name from the Bush Field Airport a few years ago. You can take a taxi to the airport but there are no public buses. British Midland has a flight to Augusta that goes via London and then Atlanta, or Virgin Atlantic offers a route that travels through London and Charlotte instead. With either flight, you’ll have to change airports in London which can be a time-consuming process.

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The Tourist Attractions in Augusta:

The Masters golf tournament is by far the biggest draw to Augusta every year, attracting thousands of visitors to the city during this prestigious event in the spring. The event is held at the Augusta National Golf Club, a private golf club and one of the most exclusive in the world, so unfortunately most visitors to Augusta won’t be able to play a round here!

Apart from the golf, Augusta is an attractive city and has several other attractions that would make a worthwhile stay of several nights.

Historic Downtown Augusta
Augusta is one of the United States’ older cities as it was first founded in 1736. It was named in honour of Augusta, Princess of Wales, and daughter in law of King George II. Although there are historic buildings remaining in the city you won’t find too much dating back this far, however the Historic Downtown area does have a good selection of old buildings with some interesting little shops, monuments, restaurants, and more, and makes a nice place to spend an afternoon or evening.

Historic Augusta Canal
Along with the downtown area another historical part of Augusta is its canal. The canal was constructed in 1845 with the purpose of providing drinking water for the city and in order to harness the power of water to drive the textile mills. Amazingly the canal is still used for these today, making it the only canal in the world that’s still used for its original purpose.

At the Augusta Canal Heritage Area Interpretive Center you can find out more about the history of the canal at the interactive museum. Best of all there are boat tours of the canal that start from here.

Riverwalk Augusta
Along the Savannah River is the Riverwalk Augusta city park. As well as being a nice place to walk there are several attractions within the park including the National Science Center’s Fort Discovery, which is a children’s science centre and museum. You’ll also find the Morris Museum of Art here, plus the historic Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church.

When Should You Visit?:

Obviously if you’re interested in visiting Augusta to watch the golf you’ll need to tie in your visit with the tournament dates, otherwise Augusta is a good city to visit at any time of the year due to its humid subtropical climate. Average high temperatures run into the 20’s and above from May right through to November. Rainfall is steady throughout the year.

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