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Flights to Waipahu

image of WaipahuThe town of Waipahu is situated on the island of Oahu in the US State of Hawaii. It’s located on the shores of both Middle Loch and West Loch which flow into the famous Pearl Harbor.

The nearest airport for international flights to Waipahu is the Honolulu International Airport (airport code: HNL), where you can rent a car for the drive to Waipahu. Delta Airlines offers the only 1-stop flight to Waipahu from Johannesburg, that transfers in Atlanta. If you fly with South African Airways, you’ll travel through Hong Kong and then Tokyo before arriving in Honolulu. Flying with British Airways will take you a different way, with transfers in London and then San Francisco.

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The Tourist Attractions in Waipahu:

Waipahu started life as a sugar plantation town in 1897 when it was chosen as the site of a sugar mill for the Oahu Sugar Company. With the plantations and mill came people, and the town of Waipahu soon grew into a sizeable development, milling sugar right up until the closure of the plantation in 1995. However, Waipahu was a meeting place for Native Hawaiians far before the sugar plantation came as they used to come here for the crystal clear water spring. They named the place ‘Waipahu’ which derives from wai for water, and pahu, meaning ‘to gush’.

Waipahu isn’t bursting with tourist attractions but there are several things to see and do here that could make this a worthwhile stop on an Hawaiian holiday, plus its proximity to Pearl Harbor makes this a good alternative place to stay if you want to take in the memorials and everything else there.

Hawaii Plantation Village
The main tourist attraction in Waipahu is the Hawaii Plantation Village, situated within the Waipahu Cultural Garden Park. This park was established by the county and sat opposite the mill and plantation. It was eventually developed into what’s here today – a living history museum and botanical garden that provides visitors with an insight into the history of the town and the sugar industry.

You’ll see life on the sugar plantations, how it would be been around 1900 and the village has restored buildings, houses, a store, a bathhouse and more. The best way to experience the village is via a guided tour, and these take place between Monday and Saturday every hour between 10am and 2pm.

Hans L’Orange Field
Nearby to the Plantation Village is the Hans L’Orange Field. This is a sports stadium where the local teams play, so check the schedule as there might be a baseball game on when you’re visiting! This field was established by the Oahu Sugar Company to give its workers somewhere to relax and play sports, and was set aside at the behest of the then manager Hans L’Orange, in 1924.

When Should You Visit?:

The tropical climate of Hawaii means Waipahu could be a good destination to visit at any time of the year. Temperatures remain warm all year round and generally there’s two seasons here – wet and dry. The dry season is from May to October, whilst the wet season is October to April.

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