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image of Baton RougeThe state capital of Louisiana gained its unusual name 300 years ago. A blood-stained pole was used by two local Native American tribes to mark the boundary between their territories. The French words for “red stick” are “baton rouge”, and so the city was named. The city is located on the Mississippi River, and is a major port centre. Baton Rouge is the second largest city in the state, after New Orleans.

International flights to Baton Rouge will land at the Baton Rouge Airport (airport code: BTR), just north of the city. Flights to Baton Rouge from Johannesburg are indirect with one or two stops. One-stop flights to Baton Rouge from South Africa will transfer in Atlanta, flying with Delta Air Lines. Choose from Virgin Atlantic Airways, KLM, Northwest Airlines, Air France, South African Airways, and British Airways to fly to Baton Rouge from South Africa via two stops.

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The Tourist Attractions in Baton Rouge:

Baton Rouge Zoo

The zoo in Baton Rouge is a sizable one, with more than 1,800 animals from around the world. There is an elephant oasis, otter pond, underwater fish exhibit and colourful displays of rare tropical parrots. The zoo is about a 15 minute drive north of Baton Rouge.

Old State Capital

The old State Capital building is a bit different than many other capital buildings, as it was designed as a replica neo-Gothic medieval castle. The building is 150 years old, and looks over the Mississippi River. There is an hour-long tour and historical presentation for visitors who want to explore this grand building.

Louisiana Art and Science Museum

The LASM is both fun and educational for the whole family. The building is a historically restored railway station, and it’s filled with exhibits and displays of both art and science. Take a look at ancient Egyptian mummies, or watch the skies at the planetarium. Art includes various collections of traditional and contemporary artwork, and the displays are frequently changed. The LASM is well situated, in downtown Baton Rouge.

Historic Plantation Homes

There are several plantations homes open to the public for touring, where you can see the antebellum-era architecture that is unique to the American South. Notable homes are the Magnolia Mound Plantation House, the Myrtles Plantation, and the Nottaway Plantation. The Myrtles is particularly worth visiting, as it is considered one of America’s most haunted houses. A number of ghosts are part of the Myrtles legends, though not all stories have any historical credibility.

Louisiana Naval War Memorial

This memorial is also known as the USS Kidd Veterans Memorial, on account of the destroyer USS Kidd being at port there. You can tour the decks of the USS Kidd and explore many other displays and exhibits of wartime artefacts. There are even overnight camping opportunities for families to experience the quarters on the Kidd firsthand. The Naval Museum is another tourist attraction you might like to visit in downtown Baton Rouge.

When Should You Visit?:

Baton Rouge is considered to be in a humid sub-tropical climate zone, which should give you a clear idea of the weather. It’s a warm city, no matter when you go. Summers are very hot and probably not the best times to come to Baton Rouge. The average high temperatures for June, July and August are all around 32C (90F). Winters are quite mild, staying above freezing on average. The best times to visit would be March and April, or October and November, to avoid the heat of summer.

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