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image of MetairieMetairie is situated in the state of Louisiana in the Southern United States. It’s not designated as a city, though it if was it would be one of this state’s largest; in reality it’s a suburb of New Orleans.

As a suburb of New Orleans, the airport for flights to Metairie is the Louis Armstrong International Airport (airport code: MSY) outside of New Orleans. New Orleans public transit offers transportation to Metairie from the airport, so getting here is relatively easy. Flights with either 1 or 2 transfers are commonly available with major airlines from South Africa. South African Airways connects once in London, as does Virgin Atlantic and British Airways. Delta Airlines has a more round-about route with stops in Atlanta and Washington.

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The Tourist Attractions in Metairie:

In all honesty Metairie probably isn’t somewhere you would come for a holiday as the community doesn’t have any tourist attractions to speak of. This is typically somewhere that people live and work and hence has all the services and facilities for these people to use such as recreation, shopping, entertainment, schools, etc. Visitors to Metairie can obviously make use of some of these facilities too, but this shouldn’t be looked on as a tourist destination.

Close to New Orleans
On the other hand, the proximity of Metairie to New Orleans could make this an alternative place to stay, close to the large city. Metairie has a good selection of hotels and motels including popular national names such as Ramada and Four Points, plus local independently run hotels too. Staying in Metairie may prove to be quite a bit cheaper than a hotel in central New Orleans as long as you’re happy to put up with the commute into the city when you want to see its attractions. When the traffic is lighter, getting to New Orleans from Metairie should take about half an hour, but during rush hour this will likely be more.

Shopping in Metairie
If you’re staying in Metairie you may like to make use of the community’s shopping centres as there are several malls. The Lakeside Shopping Center is one of the largest and busiest within the New Orleans metro area, so this is an indication of how good it is! The three major stores are JC Penney, Macy’s and Dillard’s as well as around 120 other stores, plus restaurants. Smaller stores include big names like Abercrombie and Fitch, Banana Republic, Guess and Fossil, so like many other malls this one has many designer clothes stores.

When Should You Visit?:

As with the rest of the state of Louisiana Metairie has a humid subtropical climate. This means the community stays warm all year round. Summers are the hottest and most humid months with July and August peaking the scale with average high temperatures of 33C and average lows of 24C. Rainfall is fairly high throughout the year but summer does experience the most rainfall. This combined with the high humidity can make visiting Metairie at this time of year uncomfortable. If you visit in January, the coolest month, average high temperatures are still a pleasant 17C.

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