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image of LewistonSituated in the south west of Maine is the state’s second largest city, Lewiston. Numerous historical buildings survive from the city’s past, making this a great place to visit for those interested in history.

The Auburn-Lewiston Municipal Airport (airport code: LEW) only operates for local air traffic, so international flights to Lewiston usually arrive at the Portland International Jetport (code: PWM). There is a shuttle service connecting the Portland airport with Lewiston. Flights to Lewiston commonly fly through London and then New York. This route is taken by South African Airways, British Midland, Virgin Atlantic and British Airways. Delta Airlines has some variation, with a route that connects in Atlanta and New York.

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The Tourist Attractions in Lewiston:

Great Falls Balloon Festival
One of the biggest crowd draws to Lewiston is the Great Falls Balloon festival which takes place every year. The launching of dozens of hot air balloons is a real spectacle along side the other festivities such as rides, music, games, and more. The balloons are launched from Lewiston’s Railroad Park and the festival usually takes place around the middle of August.

Outdoor Attractions in Lewiston
As well as the balloon festival, which is the largest of its kind in New England, Lewiston has several other parks and outdoor attractions. Amongst these is the small mountain, Mount David, which stands 389 feet high and has hiking trails. Along the Androscoggin River there is the Lewiston Falls, sometimes known as the Great Falls, and although this isn’t exactly Niagara, the falls are picturesque all the same! Bird lovers may also like to visit New England’s largest bird sanctuary, the Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary.

Museum L-A
Because Lewiston is twinned with the city across the river, called Auburn, the two are often known as Lewiston-Auburn or shortened to simply L-A, and that’s where the name for the city’s museum comes from. Strictly speaking the full name of this museum is Museum L-A: The Story of Work and Community in Lewiston-Auburn, and this title will give you some idea as to what to expect inside. It focuses on the local history of the Industrial Revolution and is housed within one of Lewiston’s many historic buildings, Bates Mill.

Historic Buildings in Lewiston
There are countless historic buildings in Lewiston in addition to the above mentioned Bates Mill. You could spend a day wandering around the city finding many of these beautiful buildings, but some that you should particularly look out for include the following:

The Grand Trunk Railroad Station was built in 1885 for the railroad running through Lewiston and is an interesting visit if you’re used to modern day railway stations! Lewiston City Hall is an attractive building which was built a few years after the railroad station, in 1892. The architecture of the Kora Temple is somewhat unexpected in the middle of a US city, so this one is definitely worth a look! This historic Masonic temple was built in 1908 by the Ancient Arabic Order, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.

When Should You Visit?:

Lewiston is a four seasons city in terms of its temperatures across the year, however, this doesn’t apply to rainfall, which is possible at any time of the year. Summer is a good time to visit Lewiston with pleasantly warm temperatures and average highs of 27C in July. Winters in comparison are quite cold with average highs of only -2C in January.

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