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image of CambridgeCambridge is a historic city in the state of Massachusetts. It was named in honour of the University of Cambridge in England, one of the UK’s top universities, and aptly Cambridge is now home to two of the USA’s top universities, Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As well as education Cambridge has plenty to offer the tourist.

Cambridge does not have its own airport so flights to Cambridge come to Logan International Airport (airport code: BOS), just outside of Boston, and only a short distance from Cambridge itself. Logan is one of the busiest airports in the country, so you have many choices for your flights. Both KLM and Northwest Airlines have a 1-stop route that connects in Amsterdam, or a flight to Cambridge with Swiss Air will stop in Zurich. A 2-stop flight with Virgin Atlantic is actually shorter than with Swiss Air, though you’ll travel through London as well as Dublin.

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The Tourist Attractions in Cambridge:

Though Cambridge is essentially now part of the Great Boston Area the city has its own independent charm and attractions, and, being so close to Boston it’s easy to visit Cambridge if you’re staying in the larger of the two cities.

Historic Cambridge
Cambridge was settled in 1630 so it’s an historic city. Many of its older buildings have been retained, giving Cambridge a historic charm and making this a lovely city to wander around and admire if you enjoy looking at older architecture. Amongst the buildings of interest is the Longfellow National Historic Site. This home served as the headquarters for George Washington at one time in history, but is best known for being the 50 year home of poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. The beautiful house and grounds are open to the public seasonally.

Harvard is of course still an operating university but it’s also popular as a tourist attraction. The best ways to see parts of the university are to visit its renowned museums, which are also the top museums in Cambridge – the Harvard Art Museum, the Harvard Museum of Natural History, and the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology.

The Harvard Art Museum includes the Busch-Reisinger Museum, the Fogg Art Museum, and the Arthur M. Sackler Museum, all of which combine to make this one of the world’s best art institutions. Visit the three to see Western art, Asian art, Islamic art, ancient art and more.

In the Harvard Museum of Natural History there are three parts to see: the Harvard University Herbaria, the Museum of Comparative Zoology, and the Harvard Mineralogical Museum. The natural history museum is also connected to the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, and an admission ticket for one also gains entrance to the other.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is almost as famous as Harvard, and it too has some attractions to offer. The MIT Museum for example is popular with those who are interested in technology, displaying such things as holographic art, artificial intelligence, robotics and more, plus a history of MIT itself.

When Should You Visit?:

If you enjoy walking around a city and being outdoors then the best time to visit Cambridge will be during the summer when the weather is warm and humid. Rainfall is fairly consistent throughout the year in Cambridge, though during the winter this is more likely to fall as snow. Winters are cool, but with high humidity the temperature often feels colder than it actually is. January is the coldest month when the average high is 2C and average low -6C, while July is the hottest month with an average high 28C.

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