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image of FlintFlint is a city in the US state of Michigan, situated 106 kilometres (66 miles) northeast of Detroit. The city is best known for being the birthplace of the General Motors Corporation and remains quite an industrial city, however there is a selection of things to see and do when visiting Flint.

Flint’s airport is the Bishop International Airport (airport code: FNT), and you can grab a taxi or a rental car for the short drive into Flint. The public buses are another option but they only run once an hour. A flight to Flint with Delta Airlines from South Africa connects once in Atlanta, but most flights have 2 stops. Northwest Airlines transfers in Amsterdam and Detroit, and KLM goes the same route. British Midland travels through London and Atlanta for its flight to Flint.

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The Tourist Attractions in Flint:

Being an industrial city Flint isn’t exactly high on the tourist map of places to visit, and if you were coming to this part of the country the chances are you would be visiting Detroit in favour of Flint. However if you’d like to experience a more industrial town, and one which has been in decline for some years, Flint is a great example.

Flint Cultural Center
Developed with finances from the auto industry in the 1950s, the Flint Cultural Center has long been the centre for culture in the city. Set on a 30 acre site near to the downtown, you’ll find most of Flint’s attractions here in this one spot.

The Flint Institute of Arts is one attraction. First established in 1928 it became part of the newer Cultural Center and has been renovated in recent years to allow for an expanded collection of arts. There is also the Flint Institute of Music which is home to several of Flint’s orchestras – check their schedules to see if any of them are playing while you’re visiting town.

The Alfred P Sloan Museum is best known for its fairly large exhibition that’s based on rare automobiles, while the Longway Planetarium is said to be the largest and best equipped planetarium in the state of Michigan.

Flint Children’s Museum
Outside of the Flint Cultural Center there is another museum in Flint, the Children’s Museum. Specially designed to educate children, this museum features both permanent and temporary exhibits focusing on such things as the human body, music, and science.

The Motor Cities National Heritage Area
If you are coming to Flint because of the link to the auto industry then you’ll be very interested in seeing the various parts of the Motor Cities National Heritage Area. You can go on walking or driving tours, guided by leaflets that are available to pick up at the Sloan Museum, and see places such as the former Buick-City plant, and though numerous Flint neighbourhoods.

Walking Tour of Downtown Flint
Slightly more contained than the above tour, the Walking Tour of Downtown Flint takes you around the city’s central streets and shows you the variety of architecture that’s features here, including many well preserved art-deco buildings.

When Should You Visit?:

Flint has a humid continental climate which, in short, means the city has humid and warm summers and cold and snowy winters. Rainfall is fairly consistent throughout the year, with the most usually falling in September. July is the hottest month when the average high is 28C, while January is the coldest month with an average high of just -2C.

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