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image of LansingLansing is the state capital city of Michigan, but is only the sixth largest city in the state. It’s known for its education facilities, that include large universities, medical and law schools, though of course there are also a number of tourist attractions too.

International flights to Lansing are served by the Capital Region International Airport (airport code: LAN). There is a public bus service that connects the airport to the downtown core. Flights to Lansing from Johannesburg are indirect and will require two transfers. Travellers can choose from airlines such as KLM, Northwest Airlines, Air France, Delta Air Lines, and British Airways to fly to Lansing from South Africa via two stops. There are a variety of flight routes, depending on the particular airline, for example, Delta Air Lines flies via Atlanta and Detroit, and Air France flies through Paris and Minneapolis.

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The Tourist Attractions in Lansing:

Old Town

Old Town refers to one of the more historic neighbourhoods in Lansing that today is home to many unique shops and restaurants. This part of town runs along East Grand River Avenue, between Turner and Cedar Streets, and is an attractive area to stroll around enjoying the shops and having a bite to eat.

Potter Park Zoo

Visitors can see more than 100 different types of animals at the Potter Park Zoo. There are exhibits of birds, reptiles, big cats, monkeys and timber wolves. They also have a coral reef display filled with exotic fish, and there is a petting zoo for children who want to get a bit closer to some animals. The zoo is located on the Red Cedar River.

Woldumar Nature Center

There are 5 miles of maintained trails winding through 150 acres of woods and prairie fields, plus some specialized gardens (like the herb garden) but most of the preserve is just natural wilderness. The admission fee is a requested $1 donation to use the trails. Bicycles are not allowed, and the trails close after sundown.

Turner-Dodge House

A restored home of one of Lansing’s early pioneer families. The architecture of the mansion is Classical Revival style, and was built in 1858. The museum is open year around, but closed on Mondays and weekends. There are guided tours through the house, and historical lectures. The Turner-Dodge House is in the Old Town neighbourhood of Lansing.

Other Lansing Attractions

Amongst the other attractions in Lansing is the Abrams Planetarium where there are opportunities for the public to view the starry sky with the 24-inch telescope, and there are other digital viewing presentations on most weekends. You can also find several small and specialized museums in Lansing, besides the large Michigan Library and Historical Museum. There is the Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame for notable women in Michigan’s history, and the Michigan Museum of Surveying that’s all about maps.

When Should You Visit?:

Michigan is one of the northern states, and the weather is fairly pleasant all year long in Lansing. The hottest months are July and August where average high temperatures are around 27C (82F). June is also warm, but slightly cooler at 25C (78F). August and September are the rainiest months of the year as well, getting between 8 and 9 cm of rain each month. April and May are pleasant, though April may also be rainy.

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