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image of DuluthDuluth is an attractive port city in the US state of Minnesota. Situated in the north east of the state, Duluth is the fourth largest Minnesotan city and lies on the north shore of one of the Great Lakes, Lake Superior.

The main airport in Duluth is the Duluth International Airport (airport code: DLH), as the smaller Duluth Sky Harbor is only for municipal air traffic. You can find flights to Duluth from Johannesburg on a large number of major airlines, offering many choices for flight routes. Delta Airlines will take you through Atlanta and Minneapolis, whereas Northwest Airlines has connections in Amsterdam and Detroit. South African Airways, British Midland, and United all offer flights to Duluth as well.

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The Tourist Attractions in Duluth:

Duluth is a really beautiful city and the kind of place that you might want to spend some time simply enjoying the city’s attractive scenery, the lake, and more. There’s definitely plenty of things to see and do in Duluth, even if this city may be relatively unknown outside of the United States!

Great Lakes Aquarium
If you think you’ve seen one aquarium so you’ve seen them all think again when it comes to the Great Lakes Aquarium! This is actually the only aquarium in the US that focuses entirely on freshwater species and it’s an excellent aquarium for the whole family to enjoy. There are some great permanent exhibits that include the main one, Isle Royale, housed within an 85,000 gallon tank, but you can also see the new Amazing Amazon exhibit, or the fun river otters in Otter Cove.

Glensheen Historic Estate
An attraction that couldn’t be more different to the Great Lakes Aquarium is the Glensheen Historic Estate. This historic mansion and grounds has an enviable lake front position on Lake Superior and was built in the early 1900’s for a wealthy family in the Jacobean architectural style. Visitors can tour the house and grounds throughout the year, and make sure you ask about the murders that took place here!

Other Historical Attractions in Duluth
In addition to the Glensheen Estate Duluth has several other historic attractions to visit too. If you’re interested in engineering then one of Duluth’s most famous landmarks is sure to interest you – the Aerial Lift Bridge. This bridge is actually on the US National Register of Historic Places and spans a canal. Nearby you can visit a maritime museum.

Duluth Central High School is another major Duluth landmark. This foreboding brownstone building was built in 1892 and used as the city’s high school until 1972. Now it has some alternative uses but visitors can come inside and see the 1890’s classroom museum.

Parks and Recreation in Duluth
As well as the scenic lakeside setting that Duluth has, the city also benefits from attractive parks and natural areas where you can go hiking, biking, fishing, and more. Amongst these is the Lester Park Trail that runs alongside the Lester River in Duluth. Here you can enjoy walks and hikes and it’s a great picnic spot. Canal Park is another popular spot where as well as the Aerial Lift Bridge you can enjoy the Lake Walk, restaurants, shops and other attractions.

When Should You Visit?:

Being on Lake Superior has a major impact on the climate of Duluth, making it quite a lot cooler than other cities at this latitude in the USA. Summers are mild with an average high of 24C in July, the hottest month. While late spring and early autumn are pleasant enough, winters can be very harsh and normally have snow between October and April.

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