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image of Saint PaulSaint Paul is the capital of Minnesota, and it borders the nearby city of Minneapolis. The two cities are close enough to share many facilities and are often referred to as a single place, the Twin Cities. Together, they are the most populous city in the state though the Minneapolis half is the larger of the two. Charles Schulz, the cartoonist famous for the Peanuts comic strip, was born in Saint Paul.

Flights to Saint Paul are welcomed at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (airport code: MSP). Your journey to Saint Paul from South Africa will require indirect flights with one or two stops. KLM, Northwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines are among the airlines that provide travellers with flights to Saint Paul from South Africa via one connection. The actual flight routes vary between the airlines, for example, Northwest Airlines and KLM fly via Amsterdam, and Delta Air Lines via Atlanta.

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The Tourist Attractions in Saint Paul:

Como Zoo and Conservatory

Known simply as the Como Zoo, this park is actually both the Como Park Zoo and the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory. The zoo has exhibits with a number of animals found in regions around the world. A few examples are the lemurs, tigers, zebras, orangutans and Lowland gorillas. Seasonal displays offer a chance to see seals and flamingos. The conservatory is a place for environmental research and has enclosed gardens of ferns, orchids, palms and bonsai trees.

Science Museum of Minnesota

The Science Museum is on Kellogg Blvd. in Saint Paul, and is filled with exhibits about technology, physics, and natural history. The dinosaur gallery is particularly popular with its huge displays of fossils and preserved bones. Many of the exhibits are interactive and fun. There is an IMAX/Omnimax theatre at the museum as well.

Historic Homes on Summit Avenue

There are several historic homes and mansions along Summit Avenue, west of downtown. There are nearly a dozen notable homes on this street, many of which are open to the public. The James Hill House has an art gallery and pipe organ inside, and the house where writer F. Scott Fitzgerald lived are two popular examples. The Roman Catholic Cathedral of Saint Paul (the saint, not the city) is also on Summit Avenue and worth a visit.

Grand Hand Gallery

The Grand Hand Gallery is an art gallery that features exhibits of items fashioned by hand. There are no paintings, drawings or photographs. There are objects in metal, clay, fibre, glass and wood. Special themed displays will feature artwork by particular artists, and many of the objects on display are available for purchase.

When Should You Visit?:

Visitors should remember that Saint Paul is a rather northern city in the United States, and to expect the climate to match. Most of the winter will be spent well below freezing. Though the winters are cold, the summers are actually quite warm. July has average temperatures of 29C (84F). The temperatures are not extraordinary, but Saint Paul gets quite a bit of extreme weather throughout the year. This can include blizzards, tornadoes, flash floods and drought. The best times to visit would be in May and October, for the best weather.

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