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image of Grand ForksGrand Forks is a city in North Dakota and is situated in the northeast of the state. It’s the third largest city in North Dakota, but even so it’s relatively small. Visitors will find there are few things here to keep you occupied for a short visit.

The Grand Forks International Airport (airport code: GFK) is one of many airports that are called “international” but doesn’t actually handle any direct international flights. Pretty much all flights to Grand Forks come through Minneapolis first. United Airlines and South African Airways both travel through New York and then Minneapolis, but Delta Airlines has Atlanta as its first connection. If you book with KLM or Northwest, you’ll transfer in Amsterdam before Minneapolis on your flight to Grand Forks.

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The Tourist Attractions in Grand Forks:

Grand Forks is a nice little city with lots of parkland and quite an emphasis on recreation and recreational facilities, making it a good place to visit if you like to keep active. Aside from this there aren’t too many specific tourist attractions in Grand Forks so it’s unlikely you’d want to spend more than a few days here. The attractions you should head for include the following:

North Dakota Museum of Art
Grand Forks is home to the official art museum of North Dakota which is housed on the campus of the University of North Dakota. This museum has featured some great exhibits over its time, displayed within the three exhibition galleries, plus there is a small restaurant, gift shop, and a video information room here.

The Myra Museum
Grand Forks’ second museum is the Myra Museum, and although small it’s very interesting. This is a history museum that shows visitors the history of the local area, tracing it from as far back as the Ice Age, to the present day. The museum grounds are also home to several historic buildings – the first Grand Forks Port Office from 1868, a home, and a one-roomed school from 1917.

Greater Grand Forks Greenway
The Greater Grand Forks Greenway is a park that was developed following a major flood here in 1997. One of its most popular features is the 20 mile (32km) long trail system that is used by locals and visitors alike for jogging, cycling, skating and walking. The Greenway also includes several other attractions, either on it or adjacent to it, including golf courses, campgrounds, wildlife observation areas, disc golf, fishing, wildflower gardens and more.

In downtown Grand Forks the Greenway passes through a nice landscaped area where you’ll find a monument overlooking the Red River. This monument indicates past water levels throughout the years and it’s very interesting to see the levels that the water has been at.

Grand Forks Town Square
Also adjacent to the Greenway is Grand Forks Town Square. During the summer this part of the city really comes alive with events and live music and a regular Farmers Market.

When Should You Visit?:

Grand Forks has a continental climate which means the city has extremes of temperature across the year. Summers are pleasant and warm with average high temperatures in the hottest month, July, of 27C. If you prefer warm weather you won’t want to visit before May, or after September, as October through to April is quite chilly and January is particularly harsh. The average high temperature in January is only -10C, and the average low is -25C!

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