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image of DaytonSituated in south west Ohio in the United States is the city of Dayton, ‘Birthplace of Aviation’. As well as being a popular destination for anyone interested in the history of aviation, Dayton has a number of other things to see and do too.

For a flight to Dayton, you’ll be arriving at the James M. Cox Dayton International Airport (airport code: DAY), 14 kilometres (9 miles) outside the downtown core of the city. There is no public bus service, but taxis are available right outside the terminal or you can rent a car. A flight to Dayton with Delta Airlines from South Africa will make connections in Atlanta as well as Washington, and Virgin goes through London and New York City. Another option is with South African Airways; their flight to Dayton transfers in London and Toronto.

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The Tourist Attractions in Dayton:

With its motto the ‘Birthplace of Aviation’ it’s not hard to imagine what many tourists come to Dayton for! This is where the Wright Brothers perfected their powered flying machine and the city is proud of that claim to fame. If you’re into flying and aircraft then Dayton is definitely a city that will interest you.

Wright Patterson Air Force Base
A major employer in Dayton is the Wright Patterson Air Force Base. The field where the Wright brothers practiced and perfected their flying between the years 1904 and 1905 is situated here, as is the National Museum of the US Air Force. If you’re curious about UFO’s and the supposed crashed UFO in Roswell you may be interested to know that the UFO was supposedly brought here; not that you’ll see it on any visit!

The National Museum of the US Air Force
This museum within the grounds of the Wright Patterson Air Force Base is said to be the largest military aviation museum in the world. There are over 300 aircraft on display here and you’ll be able to see examples from across the history of aviation right up to the present day.

Wright Cycle Company Complex
Dayton’s attractions associated with the Wright Brothers don’t end at the Air Force Base, as there are several other places to visit in the centre of the city. Inside the Wright Cycle Company Complex you’ll find an interpretive centre, visitor centre and museum.

Other Museums in Dayton
It’s not all just about aviation and the Wright Brothers here in Dayton as the city does have a couple of other museums to offer too. The Dayton Art Institute is a museum of fine arts, while the Packard Museum features restored cars and artefacts from the Packard Motor Car Company. If you’re visiting with children the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery will be a hit as this is a children’s museum of science that also contains an indoor zoo.

Sun Watch Indian Village is also popular with children. Located at the southern end of Dayton this historic site was a 12th century American Indian village. Digs have revealed many artefacts, some of which are shown in the site’s museum where you can also find out more about the history of the village and the people who lived here. The buildings have been re-created so that you can get a real sense for life hundreds of years ago.

When Should You Visit?:

Summer is a good time to visit Dayton – temperatures are not usually too high though the city is fairly humid thanks to the humid continental climate that occurs here. The average high in July, the warmest month, is 29C. Rainfall is fairly evenly spread across the year. In the winter some of this falls as snow, but not excessively. January’s average high is 2C.

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