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image of MontpelierThe quaint and attractive city of Montpelier is the capital of the state of Vermont. Situated roughly centrally within the state, this small city offers several tourist attractions and has the honour of being the smallest state capital in the USA!

Montpelier may be the state capital of Vermont, but it does not have its own airport. The nearest airport that can accommodate large international flights to Montpelier, is 45 minutes away in Burlington. The Burlington International Airport (airport code: BTV) only handles traffic within the United States, and hence all flights from South Africa will have 2 transfer points. A flight with Delta will connect in Atlanta and then New York City, whereas South African Airways goes through Dakar before routing through New York.

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The Tourist Attractions in Montpelier:

While Vermont is one of the smallest states in the USA, Montpelier is the smallest state capital; a fact that is appealing to many of the city’s visitors!

First settled in 1787, as you might expect Montpelier was named after the French town of Montpellier. The French had helped out against the British in the American Revolution so were in favour at the time and the name was chosen by Colonel Davis, one of the first settlers here.

Vermont State House

As Montpelier is so small the state house is the dominating building and can be seen from many miles away. This is the third state house to stand on this site and was built in 1859. The bright gold leafed dome is its most striking feature and the building is open to the public for free tours between July and mid-October.

Vermont History Museum

Operated by the Vermont Historical Society the Vermont History Museum details the history of Montpelier and the state of Vermont.

T.W. Wood Gallery and Art Center

Situated on the Vermont College campus is the T.W. Wood Gallery and Art Center. This features works of its namesake, TW Wood, along with one of the state’s largest collections of art and temporary exhibitions.

The Morse Farm Sugar Works

Just outside the city is the Morse Farm Sugar Works where maple syrup is produced. Open throughout the year the farm shows visitors how the syrup is produced and is especially worth visiting in March, the month when the sap flows from the trees! You can even try various different grades of syrup and discover why such a fuss is made for 100% maple syrup!

Hubbard Park

The highest point in Montpelier is within Hubbard Park where there’s a 50 foot high tower with views over the city. You can hike in the park or take the drive and drive to the tower, which is free to climb.

Shopping in Montpelier

Being a small city Montpelier is not overrun with big name stores and instead features lots of independent shops, especially book stores. Montpelier can also claim to be the only state capital that does not have a McDonalds! Visitors can instead enjoy bakeries, steakhouses and other great restaurants.

When Should You Visit?:

Summers are usually the best and most popular time to visit Montpelier as the weather is warm from June to August, ranging from average highs of 23 to 26C (73 to 78F), however August is usually the wettest month of the year. Having said this, rain can fall throughout the year in Montpelier. Winters are quite cold with an average high of only -4C (25F) in January.

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