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image of RichmondRichmond is the capital city of Virginia situated in the eastern United States. One of the country’s oldest cities, Richmond offers a variety of interesting historical attractions, particularly those related to the American Civil War.

There are 3 airports in Richmond, but only the Richmond International Airport (airport code: RIC) is large enough for international flights. The other two airports are Chesterfield County Airport (KFCI) and Hanover County Airport (KOFP), both of which only operate regional flights. A number of airlines have regular flights to Richmond from South Africa, though they all will require 2 transfers. A flight to Richmond with British Airways or Virgin Atlantic will connect in London and then again in New York City. Another route option would be with Delta Airlines that travels first to Atlanta and then via New York.

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The Tourist Attractions in Richmond:

Richmond officially became a town in 1737 though it was sporadically settled much earlier than this. It was named by William Byrd II after the English town of Richmond (now part of London) because the views of the James River were very similar to those of the River Thames from Richmond Hill.

Historic Downtown

Not surprisingly Richmond offers a variety of historic attractions. Although damaged by a hurricane and a tropical storm the historical downtown area of Richmond is still worth a visit to see the old houses and other buildings here, and the area is being rebuilt to its former glory.

Monument Avenue

Leaving downtown Richmond is Monument Avenue. As the name of the road suggests this avenue is full of many monuments, most of which are celebrating heroes of the confederate army from the American Civil War. These include the impressive Jefferson Davis Monument.

American Civil War Attractions in Richmond

Keeping with the Civil War theme Richmond also offers a variety of other Civil War related attractions. These include the American Civil War Center and the Richmond National Battlefield Headquarters at Tredegar. The old iron forgery located here was used to supply confederate forces with equipment.

The Museum of the Confederacy has a large collection of Confederate records, artefacts and more from the civil war period, while the White House of the Confederacy was the building used by Confederate President Jefferson Davis during the Civil War.

The Virginia State Capitol

The Virginia State Capitol is situated in Richmond and is one of only 8 state capitols not to have a dome on the building! The building has a long history dating back as far as 1788 and between the years 1861 and 1865 it was the home of the Confederate States Congress.

Museums in Richmond

In addition to those institutions associated with the Civil War Richmond also offers a variety of other museums. The city was home to Edgar Allan Poe for a period and there is a museum here dedicated to him. Others include the Virginia Fine Arts Museum, the Children’s Museum of Richmond, and the Black History Museum.

When Should You Visit?:

Richmond is a pleasant city to visit throughout the year, usually not getting too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. July is the hottest month with an average high 31C (88F), but the high humidity often makes it feel hotter than this. Spring and autumn experiences less humidity and warm temperatures, making these popular months to visit, while winter has light snowfall and mild to cool temperatures.

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