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OlympiaOlympia is the capital city of the state of Washington, in the north-west United States. It is an attractive city with numerous parks both within and outside of the city boundaries, though is often overlooked in favour of Seattle, a little way to the north.

The only airport in Olympia is the Olympia Regional Airport, which handles private and charter aircraft. Anyone taking an international flight to Olympia will have to arrive at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (airport code: SEA). Though the distance is around 75 kilometres (47 miles), there are frequent shuttle buses between the Seattle airport and Olympia. Most flights to Olympia (arriving in Seattle) only have 1 transfer when travelling from Johannesburg. Lufthansa and South African Airways stop in Frankfurt, and Delta Airlines transfers in Orlando, Florida. Routes with 2 stops are also available with British Airways connecting in London and then Vancouver, Canada.

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The Tourist Attractions in Olympia:

When international visitors consider visiting this part of the USA it’s usually Seattle that springs to mind as the top tourist destination. Seattle certainly attracts far more visitors than Olympia does, but, especially if you’re planning to tour around there’s no reason why Olympia should not be part of your itinerary.

Named for the fact that the city has a wonderful view of the Olympic Mountains, Olympia was officially incorporated in 1859. Unfortunately an earthquake in 1949 damaged many of the historical buildings and they were deemed to be beyond repair. Still, Olympia does have some impressive buildings such as the Washington State Capitol.

Washington State Capitol

Not to be confused with the US Capitol in Washington DC, Olympia’s Washington State Capitol is just as impressive! Situated on a campus, there is the main State Capitol building along with several others, and the main building features one of the largest free standing masonry domes in the world.

Puget Sound

Olympia sits at the southern end of Puget Sound – a series of waterways that features beautiful scenery. Being at one end of the Sound makes Olympia a great base from which to explore this famous waterway, and Olympia Marina is a good place to start!

Puget Sound is also great to explore from the land too as there are places such as the Woodard Bay Natural Resource Conservation Area that preserves over 5 miles (8km) of the shore of Puget Sound.

Numerous other parks in Olympia include Watershed Park, Priest Point Park, Percival Landing Park, and Yauger Park, while just outside the city is the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge and the Capitol State Forest. The latter features a range of opportunities for outdoor pursuits such as mountain biking, hiking, horse riding, and more.

Mount Rainier National Park

Although not in Olympia, the city can be used as a base for exploring the nearby Mount Rainier National Park. The spectacular Mount Rainier is within the Cascade Range and can be seen from as far away as Victoria in Canada on a clear day. Inside the park visitors can see nature’s best – waterfalls, glaciers, forests, and more.

When Should You Visit?:

Olympia’s location on the north west coast of the USA means the weather can be notoriously wet here, however, the summers are actually relatively dry, making the months between May and September some of the best times to visit. Average temperatures range from 18 to 25C (65 to 77F) during this time. Winters are relatively mild, but have considerable rainfall.

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