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SpokaneSpokane is a city in the far north west of the state of Washington, and lies 180 kilometres (110 miles) south of the border with Canada, and 436 kilometres (271 miles) east of Seattle. Spokane is an attractive city and offers a variety of attractions for visitors to enjoy.

Flights to Spokane will arrive at the Spokane International Airport (airport code: GEG), which is about a 10 minute drive out of town by taxi or rental car. They do not actually take any international flights, so you will always have an American transfer stop when taking a flight to Spokane from South Africa. British Airways makes its transfers in London and Phoenix, and Delta Airlines goes through Atlanta and Salt Lake City. Air France also has flights to Spokane, connecting in Paris and Seattle.

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The Tourist Attractions in Spokane:

Pronounced ‘Spo-CAN’ not ‘Spo-CAIN’, the city was named after the Native American Spokane tribe who live in the area. It was settled in 1871 and really began to boom with the arrival of the Northern Pacific Railway in 1881. Now Spokane has many different attractions for tourists as well as being a great base from which to explore the surrounding area that includes dozens of lakes, five ski resorts, golf courses, wineries, mountains, and more.

Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture
Of the several museums located in Spokane the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture is the most notable. Associated with the famous Smithsonian, this museum features five galleries set underground, plus visitor facilities such as a café and store. Also on the grounds of the MAC (as it’s known), is Campbell House, and tours are available of this 1898 historic house.

Riverfront Park
Spokane has more than 75 parks within the city limits, one of the most notable of which is Riverfront Park. Created to be the home of the 1974 World’s Fair, Expo’74, the park still includes all the pavilions from the event so it’s a very interesting place to visit. In addition to the World’s Fair link Riverfront Park also has several other attractions – there are great views of Spokane Falls from here, especially from the Skyride that takes you over them! The carousel is popular, plus there’s a small children’s amusement park.

Historic Districts in Spokane
Spokane is home to an impressive 18 neighbourhoods that are on the National Register of Historical Districts, so there’s plenty of opportunity to see historic buildings and homes in this city. The Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture and Campbell House is in one of these historic neighbourhoods, called Browne’s Addition, where you can also see another historic home, Clark Mansion.

When Should You Visit?:

Spokane is a year round destination depending on what you enjoy doing! Winters are cold and snowy but the city is well geared up for this and offers ice skating, plus there are several ski hills nearby. During the summer the temperatures are pleasantly warm, reaching an average high of 28C in July and August. With little rainfall during the summer this is a very good time to visit for sightseeing and enjoying outdoor pursuits.

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