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Flights to Bhutan

image of VietnamBhutan is a small south east Asian country in the Himalayas, set between India and Tibet. It is a beautiful country with fantastic natural scenery and happy and friendly residents that has only really emerged as a practical tourist destination over the last decade. Fortunately Bhutan has managed to balance the fine line between becoming big on tourist infrastructure without threatening its natural environment.

There is just one international airport in Bhutan. Paro International Airport (airport code: PBH) is situated in the west of the country, about 45 minutes to an hour drive from the capital city, Thimphu. Although this is an international airport, the majority of flights to Bhutan will be coming only from cities in neighbouring countries. The most common route would be from Bangkok or Delhi using Bhutan’s only national airline Druk Air. So for flights from South Africa to Bhutan first find a flight to Bangkok or Delhi, of which there are a good choice of airlines all with one stop from Johannesburg. For Delhi choose from Emirates, South African Airways or Ethiopian Airlines, or for Bangkok choose from flights with British Airways, South African Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, Kenya Airways and Ethiad Airways.

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The Tourist Attractions of Bhutan:

Starting with the city in which your flight to Bhutan will land, Paro is a historic city as well as being the site for the country’s international airport. Visitors will find a variety of things to see and do here including many scared sites like the impressive Taktsang Monastery. Taktsang means Tiger’s Nest and the monastery is perched like a nest on a cliff which is 1200 metres high! Unfortunately visitors will have to deal with a two hour hike up hill all the way to reach the monastery, but it is worth it!

Paro is also the home of the National Museum of Bhutan, and other sites of interest include the Kichu Lhakang monastery which was built in just one night, and another cliff side monastery, Drakhapo.

Thimphu is the capital and largest city of Bhutan and is located about an hour’s drive from the international airport at Paro. There is also a good variety of attractions to see in Thimphu even though this is a newer city than Paro. Museums include the National Folk Heritage Museum which is housed in a traditional house, as well as the beautiful textiles in the Textile Museum.

Religious buildings include one of the oldest in this part of Bhutan, Changangkha Lhakhang, which was built in the 15th century and has great views of the entire Thimphu Valley. For more natural attractions visit the Botanical Gardens, about 10km from the city centre where you’ll find native trees and plants. For wildlife visit the Takin Preserve. The Takin is an animal and in fact the national animal of Bhutan which is like a cross behind a cow and a goat!

Bhutan is a popular trekking destination more because of the spectacular scenery than for the quality of the trails, which are said to be muddy in the summer and snow covered in the winter! But the scenery of the Himalayas is fantastic.

When Should You Visit?:

Bhutan’s weather is mostly influenced by elevation and as some parts of the country are much higher than others, there can be considerable differences. In Thimphu for example, summers are wet and humid. The warmest month is August though July and August suffer from monsoons, making the best times to visit between mid September to the end of October and between March and May.

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