Welcome to a Frequently Asked Questions Section

Why does your website freeze/time out when I try to book?

Often these problems are caused by certain settings on your computer. Please delete your cookies and temporary offline files / cache of your internet browser and see if that makes a difference. If this doesn’t help – have you checked your security settings on your computer? Perhaps these settings are too high (sensitive) and therefore block access to certain web pages.

Please also check your firewall settings as these could cause problems while you are connecting to secure web pages like our payment form. Another reason could be that your anti virus software can interfere with your connection to certain secure websites.

How do I make a Booking:

1. Go to the Booking engine by clicking on the Red Book a Flight Link at the top of the page.

2. Once the booking engine has opened, enter your destinations. The quickest way to do this is type in the first 3 letters and the engine will search for all the cities beginning with those letters. Then just select the correct city.

3. Select the dates your require for departure and arrival.

4. Select the no of passengers

5. Select the airline you want to book on. We recommend all as our booking engine will search all of them and find you the best flight deal.

6. The just click the orange – FIND A FLIGHT BUTTON.

7. A list of all the airlines will appear now with flight prices starting with cheapest going down to the most expensive. If the times that are shown do not suit you click on the
link ( More Results ) in the right hand corner underneath each airlines results. All the flights that are available for that airline for the dates you selected will now be

8. When you have found the right flight and times just click on the
ADD TO BASKET button and follow the prompts to confirm your booking.

How do I know if My Booking is confirmed:

1. Confirmation of your booking can only be done once your credit card or payment has been processed. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your booking.

2. When you payment or credit card transaction has been approved and cleared an e-mail called ( Payment Confirmation ) will be sent to you with all the flight details and booking reference no.

How do I Pay My Booking

1. Payment can only be made by credit card ( Visa or Mastercard )

Should I be worried about paying online:

1. No. It is completely safe to pay online with your credit card. The booking engine is protected with Thawte SGC-enabled SSL Certificates.

How will I receive my Ticket:

1. You will receive your ticket by e-mail as soon as your payment is confirmed.

2. If your requested a Paper Ticket it will be sent by speedpost
to you as soon as your payment is confirmed.

Is Vat include:

1. Vat is included for all local bookings.

2. There is no Vat on International bookings.

More FAQ's:

If your questions weren’t answered above – please click here and go to the FAQ’s section on the main website. Its in the TOP right hand corner.