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Flights to East Timor

image of East TimorEast Timor is a country in south east Asia which makes up the eastern half of the island of Timor and is situated northwest of Darwin in Australia.

You can catch a flight from South Africa to the capital of East Timor, Dili. Dili International Airport is not served by all airlines or on all days of the week and flights from South Africa will involve two stops and connecting flights to reach Dili so the journey is quite a long one.

One of the shortest journey times is with Qantas flying from Johannesburg to Perth, then Perth to Darwin, then Darwin to Dili, the last leg of which is with TMA. There are numerous other options using a variety of airlines and routes – for example British Airways to London, then BA or Singapore Airlines to Singapore, then SilkAir to Dili.

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The Tourist Attractions of East Timor:

When East Timor was occupied by Indonesia, much damage was done to the whole infrastructure of the country and it is still recovering now. However, East Timor remains an attractive country to visit.

East Timor became an independent country in 2002 and the relatively small coastal city of Dili was named its capital. Dili was established as a Portuguese colony town and there are still remnants of these colonial times in the architecture and the cuisine. In the colonial centre of the city you can see the Government buildings and an attractive waterfront. One of the main attractions in Dili is the Statue of Jesus which is located on a headland and stands about 20 metres tall. The statue can be reached from the city by foot, or take a taxi, though however you choose to get here the view back to the city and beyond is said to be spectacular.

Dili is sandwiched between the water and the mountains, making for very scenic landscapes. If you’re interested in the mountains, from Dili you can climb the highest peak in East Timor, called Mount Ramalau, or if you prefer the water there are several spots near Dili where the diving is very good. A little further out from Dili are Jaco Island and Atauro Island.

East along the coast from Dili is East Timor’s second largest city, Baucau. Baucau is quite similar in many respects to Dili as it has a colonial history and is sandwiched between the same water and mountains, so it too has some wonderful natural scenery. Walking around the city you can still see several of the grand colonial buildings, unfortunately though, many of these were destroyed during troubles in 1999 though they still stand, gutted and burnt now.

With its tropical climate, East Timor would make a good destination for visitors who want to relax on holiday. The Baucau area is a good place to do this as it benefits from having lovely white beaches and you can stay in a variety of different types of accommodation within the old town.

When Should You Visit?:

As mentioned above, East Timor has a tropical climate with generally hot and humid weather. Like most tropical countries, it has a distinct rainy and a dry season which are affected by the monsoons. The temperatures in East Timor do not vary much throughout the year.

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