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Flights to Hong Kong

image of Hong KongHong Kong is a very unique destination in East Asia, which, since its independence from Britain in 1997 has been operating as a Special Administrative Region of China.

Hong Kong is well served by airlines and there are a number to choose from who offer direct flights from South Africa to Hong Kong. From Johannesburg direct flights are available with Cathay Pacific, South African Airways and Asiana Airlines or you can choose a flight with Emirates, Malaysia Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Kenya Airways or Thai Airways International who all have one stop via either Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Addis Ababa, Shanghai, Nairobi or Bangkok.

You can also catch a flight from Cape Town to Hong Kong with Singapore Airlines, South African Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Emirates having one stop in Dubai, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore.

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The Tourist Attractions of Hong Kong:

Hong Kong consists of four major districts, each different to the other. The image which most people have of Hong Kong is the large, rich and bustling city which is on Hong Kong Island. Kowloon is the most heavily populated part of Hong Kong, whilst the New Territories and the Outlying Islands are quieter and more sparsely populated. Hong Kong Island, though, is where most visitors will spend the majority of their time.

Hong Kong Island features the tall skyscrapers and busy streets which Hong Kong is famous for, and just walking around within the city is an experience itself. But, there’s more here than meets the eye. Here are some of the things you won’t want to miss:

The Peak is a peak overlooking Victoria Harbour and offers great views of the Hong Kong and Kowloon city skylines. The views are good, though this is also a nice place to get away from some of the crowds (though it can get crowded here too!), and there are a number of walks which you can do here as well as several other attractions.

A visit to Hong Kong’s oldest temple within the antique shop area is an interesting look back in time. The Man Mo Temple was built in the 1840’s.

For another great view of the skylines of Hong Kong head to Golden Bauhinia Square which gives a particularly impressive view at night time.

If you enjoy roller coasters and theme parks, Hong Kong has several of these including Disneyland and Ocean Park. Disneyland is smaller than the other Disney parks around the world, but is much quieter so this means you can enjoy the rides without having to queue for hours. Ocean Park combines roller coasters with a large aquarium. A highlight of a visit here is a ride on the cable car which connects the two sections of the park as this gives excellent views of the South China Sea. Another highlight of the park is the pandas.

Away from the cities, Hong Kong actually has a lot else on offer too. There are some great beaches and some wonderful scenery and trails for hiking. Over 70% of Hong Kong is actually countryside and this includes a number of country and marine parks.

When Should You Visit?:

Hong Kong has a sub-tropical climate so is warm all year round. During the summer months of June to September the average high is always above 30C and in the coolest months of January and February the high is still 18.6C and the low is 14C.

If you prefer the higher temperatures of the summer, be prepared for wet weather as from April to October rainfall is very high. In contrast, between November and March rainfall is quite low.

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