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image of IndonesiaIndonesia is a country which is situated in south east Asia and comprises a mammoth 17,508 islands in total making this the world’s largest archipelago country! Visitors to Indonesia will certainly find it difficult to visit even a very small proportion of these islands, so would generally keep to seeing the larger and more popular islands.

There are two main entry points for international flights into Indonesia. The first is the capital city, Jakarta, and the second is Bali. From South Africa flights to Jakarta are available with numerous airlines, all of which will involve at least one stop. Examples include South African Airways, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific, with stops in cities including Hong Kong, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Singapore.

Flights to Bali are also available with similar airlines, most of which involve two stops, however, Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines offer one stop flights from Johannesburg.

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The Tourist Attractions of Indonesia:

As already mentioned, Indonesia is a vast place and visitors should not expect to be able to see much of the country unless you have a few years to spare!

If you’re entering Indonesia via Jakarta, you may or may not want to spend any time here! Jakarta is a huge and very busy city where the divide between rich and poor is very evident. However, you will find a number of interesting places to visit here including museums, such a the National Museum, countless shopping malls and markets and the National Monument where you can go to the observation platform at the top for great views of the city.

The city of Yogyakarta is another popular Indonesian destination. The city is one of the oldest in Indonesia and has lots of history and heritage buildings for visitors to enjoy, though as well as its own attractions, Yogyakarta is also the gateway to some of the most spectacular temples in the world at Prambanan and Borobudur.

Prambanan and Borobudur
Borobudur is the largest Buddhist monument in the world and was built in the 8th and 9th centuries. This is a huge structure and features 1500 intricate carvings across the temple which spans 5 kilometres from one end to the other.

Prambanan, on the other hand, is a large collection of Hindu temples which were built in the 10th century and is literally just next door to Borobudur, and somewhat overshadowed by its neighbour! Still, both sites, which are on the UNESCO World Heritage list, are definitely worth visiting.

Indonesia is not all about bustling cities though. The hugely popular island of Bali gives visitors a taste of the other side to Indonesia. This beautiful island features mountains, volcanic landscapes and of course wonderful sandy beaches! Bali is an island which would suit all different tastes, as you can find busy and lively resorts here, or you can choose to seek out the quieter and more traditional villages. There are of course resorts all over the island, each with its own individual appeal.

When Should You Visit?:

Indonesia basically has two seasons – the rainy season and the dry season, though it should be pointed out that the dry season is not completely dry as there is still a certain amount of rainfall then too! As Indonesia covers a large area it’s no surprise that there is variation with the seasons across the country, but generally speaking the dry season is from April to October and the rainy season is November to March.

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