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Flights to Israel

image of IsraelIsrael is in the Middle East and has a long Mediterranean coastline and a short coastline on the Red Sea at Eilat.

You can catch a flight from South Africa to Israel with South African Airways from Johannesburg’s OR Tambo International Airport. All other cities in South Africa would need to connect through Johannesburg. You can choose a flight to either Tel Aviv, on the Mediterranean coast, which is Israel’s main international airport or to Israel’s second international airport in Eilat (airport code: ETH) which is right in the middle of the city on the Red Sea coast. Alternatively, if you wanted to fly to Tel Aviv first and later get a charter flight to Eilat, you can do so by flying to the smaller Ovda International Airport (airport code: VDA), which is about 50 minutes drive outside the town.

Once your flight lands in Israel there are a number of choices for getting around the country, including a new high-speed train network and a good road network.

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The Tourist Attractions of Israel:

Israel has much history to discover through its many archaeological and historical sites, as well as attractive landscapes and modern cities, so there’s lots for a tourist to see and do.

Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel and is also a very important sacred city for three religions – Jews, Christians and Muslims. The Old City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and even if you are not of one of these religions it’s still a breathtaking place to visit.

The Old City is surrounded by walls built by the Ottoman’s in the 16th century. It is divided into four quarters: Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Armenian and features many tiny streets, churches, mosques and temples representing each of the four religions here.

The town of Eilat is at the far south of the country on the Red Sea. This is a popular spot for Israeli’s to come for holidays and is also popular with many European visitors. It’s a world away from most of the other cities in Israel and is foremost a resort town and hence a great place to go to enjoy the sun.

There are some excellent diving opportunities here including Coral Beach, or if you’re not into diving you can see the marine life from the Underwater Observatory. From above this is Eilat’s most famous landmark, the white tower, which has excellent views above water and also extends under water where you can see such things as sting rays, sharks, turtles and many fish.

Just outside the town is the Dolphin Reef where you have the chance to swim and interact with dolphins for a fee and getting away from the water theme, there is Kings City in Eilat; a biblical theme park.

Eilat is separated from the rest of Israel by the Negev Desert, and this is an amazing place to take a desert tour, camel trek or hike and includes the Eilat Mountains Nature Reserve.

To experience the coast on the other side of the country visit Tel Aviv. This is Israel’s largest city and is growing at quite a rate. You can enjoy beaches and water parks here as well as taking advantage of all that big cities offer – impressive architecture and towers to view the city from; Yafo (or Jaffa) port, one of the oldest ports in the world; Rabin Square; The Yarkon Park; Eretz-Israel (Land of Israel) Museum and the largest bus station in the world, Central Bus Station.

When Should You Visit?:

Israel has a varying climate, depending on where you are in the country. Tel Aviv, for example, has a mainly typical Mediterranean climate with hot, sunny and dry summers and mild, wet winters. Eilat, on the other hand, is far more influenced by the surrounding desert and will be hotter and dryer still than Tel Aviv, whilst inland temperatures can be far lower in the winter – Jerusalem usually has at least one snowfall per year.

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