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image of LaosSituated in south east Asia, Laos is a landlocked country, surrounded by Burma, China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Despite being one of the poorest countries in the region, Laos is rich in beautiful architecture, mountains and scenery.

International flights to Laos from South Africa land in the Luang Prabang International Airport (airport code: LPQ). Your journey to Laos will require two connecting flights. South African Airways, Lao Aviation, Thai Air International, Bangkok Airways, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, and Kenya Airways are among the various airlines that offer flights to Laos from South Africa. Routes vary according to the airlines.

Laos combines beautiful scenery with beautiful buildings, making this an ideal country for trekking and sightseeing.

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The Tourist Attractions of Laos:

The capital and largest city of Laos is Vientiane. In contrast to other south east Asian cities, Vientiane is small and relaxing so will appeal to tourists who don’t like the madness of places like Bangkok.

The city is rich in temples and stupas, the oldest of which is Wat Si Saket which was built in 1818. Although not lavish, it’s attractive all the same and features many Buddha images.

From the more basic to the extravagant, Pha That Luang is the national symbol of Laos and also the most important religious building in the country. It dates from 1566 though has suffered ransackings and rebuilding throughout the years.

Other attractions in Laos’ capital city include the Patuxai ‘Victory Gate’. Resembling the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, this is taller and more ornate in certain respects. There’s a view of downtown from the 7th storey which is reached by steps. Lao National Museum and the Buddha Park are also on many visitors’ lists of places to visit.

Luang Prabang
Though some of the temples in Vientiane are nice, those in Luang Prabang are better! This city was once the capital of Laos, though now benefits from the designation of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Haw Kham is the former royal palace, and a beautiful building, then there’s the oldest and one of the most beautiful monasteries in town, Vat Xieng Toung.

If you want to see the town from a high, there’s a steep climb up Phou Si from which there are panoramic views.

A way outside the town is the Pak Ou Caves (Buddha Caves) which can be reached by either road or boat, and also outside the town are the Kuang Si Falls. These waterfalls are multi-level and very picturesque.

Another World Heritage Site can be found at Champasak. Here you’ll see impressive Khmer temple ruins. The Wat Phu 12th century temple is still in use today.

When Should You Visit?:

Laos has a tropical climate which is affected by monsoons. The country experiences three seasons, which are rainy, cool, and hot. The rainy season is between May and November, whilst the dry season is from December to April. February, March and April are known as the hot season because these last three months of the dry period are significantly hotter than the previous months.

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