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image of MacauMacau is situated in southeast China, but is actually a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China which was administered by Portugal up until 1999.

Formerly the best way to reach Macau was by taking a flight to nearby Hong Kong then getting a ferry across, and though you can still do this Macau now has is own international airport and a good many airlines offer flights here. Airlines with flights from South Africa to Macau International Airport (airport code: MFM) include Malaysia Airlines with a one stop flight from Johannesburg via Kuala Lumpur, or the following airlines which offer two stop flights to Macau from South Africa: Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, South African Airways, Kenya Airways and Singapore Airlines.

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The Tourist Attractions of Macau:

Macau is an interesting destination. There’s no getting away from the fact that most of the population is Chinese, yet because Macau was administered by the Portuguese for over 400 years the architecture is very European.

Macau is divided into four regions – the Macau Peninsula, Taipa, Coloane and Cotai. Most visitors will spend the majority, if not all, of their time of the Macau Peninsula as most of the attractions of Macau are to be found here.

The Macau Peninsula
Macau is highly urbanised with a great many people living in close quarters on this peninsula which is only 8.5 square kilometres. The result is that Macau is one of the most densely populated regions in the world.

Despite the number of people, Macau is a very appealing place and due to its increasing popularity with visitors there are a good many hotels to stay in and things to do. There are a number of casinos and other entertainment which are very popular, but much of Macau’s appeal is in its heritage.

Macau is packed with attractive colonial buildings, a large portion of which has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For the most thorough look at these places consider the Macau Heritage Walk which takes in 25 stops including the pretty Lilau Square, a section of the old city walls, the Sam Kai Vui Kun Temple which has an interesting combination of both Western and Asian architectural styles, and the 1600’s built Guia Fortress.

Museums of interest include the Macau Museum and the Maritime Museum, though two more specialised museums which will be of interest to some visitors are the Grand Prix Museum and the Wine Museum.

Macau Tower is a popular attraction because from the observation platforms you can see the whole of Macau. There is an indoor and an outdoor viewing deck and the tower stands nearly 340 metres high. For brave visitors there is a glass floor to stand on, or for even braver visitors there’s the opportunity to bungee jump off the tower!

Additional attractions in Macau include the Portas do Cerco. In Portuguese this means the ‘Gate of Siege’ though the Chinese translation is ‘Barrier Gate’. This old archway was built in 1870 as the gateway between the Portuguese and Chinese territories and used as the point of border crossing until 1994. Now the border crossing has been move to the side and the archway has been surrounded by an attractive plaza.

When Should You Visit?:

Macau has a humid subtropical climate though the difference in temperature between summer and winter is actually quite significant because of the influence of monsoons.

In mid-summer, July and August, Macau has an average high of 32C and low of 27C. This means that nights remain hot, and with the high humidity you’ll want to make sure your hotel room has air conditioning! Winter is relatively cold for the latitude and humidity is lower. The average high in January is a pleasant 18C and the low is a cool 13C.

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