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South Africa:

Flights in South Africa

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If you ask any one of the 9 million tourists that cross South Africa’s borders every year, they may reply: It may be a single country, but touring South Africa is not a single experience. It is a travel experience of contrasts: Lush tropical forests and vast barren plains; bustling modern city streets and laid back rural villages; towering skyscrapers and cardboard ‘n tin shanties; beating African drums and string quartets ala Mozart; boutiques carrying the latest lines of European fashion and street markets selling chicken heads and feet.

Another thing they may well all agree upon is that if you want a holiday of a lifetime, South Africa is the place to be.

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The Tourist Attractions in South Africa:

Places to Visit in South Africa

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If history is on your itinerary, why not start off in the ancient Roman Empire: Italy. Pay a visit to the nearly 2,000 year old Colosseum in Rome, where more than 50,000 spectators were entertained for more than 500 years by the many gladiatorial contests for which this historical arena was the most infamous for. Then perhaps, head out for Milan. Enjoy a glass of Chianti at a street café while watching the stylish Milanese stroll by or, if shopping is your passion, succumb to the allure of the many famous designers who have made Milan one of the fashion capitals in the world.

South Africa caters for everybody: African bush aficionados, palaeontology and archaeology students, beach junkies, shop-aholics, scuba diving devotees, golfing enthusiasts, culture disciples, history buffs and kids, amongst others.

If the African bush appeals to you, you will have plenty to choose from. The country has a large number of national, provincial and privately owned game reserves right across the country: From the vastness of the Kruger National Park to the premier game spotting opportunities of Madikwe, from thatched huts in one of the many South African National Parks camps, to five star luxury in game lodges nestled against riverbanks or built high in the branches of strong, old trees.

Students of palaeontology and archaeology will be pleased to know that South Africa is home to human fossils that are millions of years old and that the Cradle of Humankind is located right here. A trip to the Sterkfontein Caves – home to Mrs. Ples –, to Makapansgat or even to the Great Ruins of Mapungubwe promises to be a thrilling experience.

Expansive golden beaches and rolling blue waves will satisfy even the most seasoned of beach junkies. The sea conditions are good, and water sports of every description abound: Surfing, jet biking, windsurfing, kite boarding, sea skiing, boating and parasailing, to mention but a few.

Shop-aholics will find more than ample opportunity to ‘get a fix’. Designer- and specialist stores proliferate the many stylish malls in South Africa and markets selling bric-a-brac, abound. The shopping hours are long and most of the stores are open seven days a week. And, quite importantly, all the major credit cards are widely accepted.

Scuba diving devotees will be well advised to head out towards Sodwana as soon as they land. Sodwana is one of the prime diving spots in the world. Beautiful reefs, an abundance of marine life and close encounters of the sharky kind, are guaranteed. The dive operators in the area are available should you need to rent any kit or charter a boat to reach the dive site of your choice.

Golfing enthusiasts will have access to more courses than they could possibly hope to play in a year. The courses are generally very well kept, challenging and enjoyable. And, if you find the choice between courses too difficult to make, contact the South African PGA for a spot of advice.

Culture disciples and history buffs will enjoy the many museums, historical building, monuments and theatres on offer in South Africa. Guided tours are available at most of the places and entrance is generally inexpensive.

Kids have nothing but fun in the sun to look forward to. As a child friendly nation, you will find that South Africa offers loads of interesting things for the kids to do. There are aquariums, dolphinariums, petting farms, cheetah sanctuaries, amusement parks, pony rides, science labs, and much, much more.


When Should You Visit?:

When planning a visit to South Africa, the best option is to match your intended activities to the appropriate time of the year. It is important to know that during the two long South African school holidays (July and December to January),

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