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Kuwait is a small country in the Middle East, which is best known by many as having suffered an Iraqi invasion in 1990. Although this was nearly two decades ago, Kuwait still doesn’t spring to mind as being a tourist destination. However, the country is stable and does have a variety of attractions on offer to visitors.

International flights to Kuwait from South Africa land in the country’s only airport, the Kuwait International Airport (airport code: KWI) outside Kuwait City. Flights to Kuwait from South Africa are indirect with one or two stops. Etihad, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Lufthansa, and South African Airways are among the airlines that provide travellers with one stop flights to Kuwait from Johannesburg. Flight routes differ according to the airlines, but most fly via their home countries.

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The Tourist Attractions in The Kuwait:

Kuwait became established as a country back in 1613 when tribes from Arabia settled there. The country grew as a supplier of pearls in the 18th century and in the early 20th century became a British protectorate, though gained full independence in 1961. Kuwait is now best known for its oil, and although oil was first discovered in the 1930’s, it’s only really the last 30 to 40 years that the country has fully benefited from the large oil fields.

Arabic is the official language of Kuwait, though many people speak or at least understand English, a factor which should appeal to many potential visitors.

Being a small country, Kuwait isn’t exactly full of tourist attractions. Most of what the country has to offer is concentrated within the capital and largest city, Kuwait City. And, despite being an Arab emirate, tourists may be surprised at how cosmopolitan the country actually is.

Kuwait City

A vibrant and cosmopolitan city, Kuwait City features many high rise buildings of lavish designs, large shopping malls, restaurants and entertainment.

The city is best known for its most prominent landmark, the Kuwait Towers. These three towers look like they’ve come off the set of a Star Trek movie, though in actual fact they serve several purposes rather than being for show. There is of course a Viewing Sphere, plus a restaurant, though the other larger tower is actually a water tower.

If the view from the Kuwait Towers wasn’t enough, there’s also the Liberation Tower to try. This is a communications tower but has a revolving restaurant and observation deck too.

Other attractions in Kuwait City include museums, such as the National Museum, and the Science and Natural History Museum, plus there’s the Grand Mosque and Seif Palace.

Water Sports in Kuwait

With its large coastline on the Persian Gulf, both locals and visitors enjoy the waters here. Powerboating is very popular, and visitors will find that scuba diving and sailing are also fun and popular pursuits. There are beachside hotels and resorts to enjoy, golf courses and more.

Ferry services take passengers to Failaka Island where there’s a Greek archaeological find as well as evidence of Bronze Age occupation too.

When Should You Visit?:

Kuwait has an arid continental climate, and is best known for being dry and desert like. Summer lasts from May to September when temperatures increasingly get up to the mid 40’s C (113F). Winters are much shorter, from November to February, and can be quite cool in comparison. Dust storms can occur at any time, though March and August are said to be the worst times for these.

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