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Yemen is situated on the south west coast of the Arabian Peninsula in the Middle East. Although generally a friendly and welcoming country, with a range of attractions, travel to Yemen is not currently advised due to problems such as terrorist activity, kidnappings etc.

Travellers flying to Yemen from South Africa will land at the capital city’s airport in Sanaa (airport code: SAH). Your flight to Yemen will require at least one connection and you can choose from airlines such as Ethiopian Airlines, South African Airways, Egyptair, and Emirates. Flights to Yemen from South Africa with two stops can also be taken through the previously mentioned airlines plus Kenya Airways, British Airways, KLM, and Lufthansa. Routes differ according to which airline you choose to fly with.

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The Tourist Attractions in The Yemen:

As mentioned above, travel at this time to Yemen is not recommended, and there is no indication of when this situation is likely to change.


Yemen’s international airport is situated in the capital city, Sana’a, in the highlands of Yemen. Due to this fact, Sana’a is the main entry point for many visitors to the country. Although a busy city, which is growing at a great rate of knots, Sana’a is worth spending a day or so in.

This is an ancient city, and the Old City has actually been added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in order to help preserve it. The Old City features interesting architecture with distinctive windows. The souk is said to be one of the best on the whole of the Arabian Peninsula, and the Great Mosque, built in the 7th century, is one of the oldest in the Muslim world.


The city of Aden is located in the coastal plains of Yemen. This is a popular destination because of its unique location – the ancient city was built in the crater of an extinct volcano, and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Walking around the city and taking in the mix of interesting architecture is recommended. Particularly interesting sights include the Cisterns of Tawila, Sira Fort, the Palace of the Sultanate of Lahej and the National Museum, and the historic British churches, built by the Brits during their rule.

Aden also has a number of very good beaches to attract tourists with, plus there is an active nightlife and many good points above the city to admire the views from.

Red Sea Islands

Around the coast from Aden, the waters become those of the Red Sea. As well as mainland Yemen, the country also includes over a hundred small islands in the Red Sea. These attractive islands are often popular with tourists.

When Should You Visit?:

Yemen’s climate varies across the country; some inland regions are quite high in elevation and hence cooler than the rest of the country. The east is known for being very hot and dry, whilst the west (the Red Sea Coast) is hot and humid. Much of the country is desert, but the western mountains can be affected by seasonal monsoons and hence have a more temperate climate.

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