Huambo Flights:

Flights to Huambo HuamboThough it is a large city and provincial capital, Huambo is not a major tourist destination and there are not a lot of designated “attractions” in the area. Huambo is located in the central region of Angola and not a convenient distance from any of the larger nature parks in the country. Even so, there are a few natural places near Huambo that you can explore while you are there.

Huambo does have its own airport, the Albano Machado Airport (airport code: NOV) but it doesn’t handle international flights to Huambo. Instead, you can get a flight to Luanda’s Quatro de Fevereiro Airport (code: LAD). From there, catch a flight to Huambo with TAAG Angola Airlines or Diexim Expresso to Huambo. Travelling from South Africa you can get a non-stop flight to Luanda with South African Airways, or stop once in Nairobi with Kenya Airways. Air Namibia also has service, with a connection in Windhoek.

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The Tourist Attractions of Huambo:

The city was once known as New Lisbon and under Portuguese rule. Though they gained independence in the 1970s, there have been other internal conflicts since then. Today the area is peaceful and successfully rebuilding. Many of the old buildings still show their Portuguese colonial architecture.

Natural Areas
To the west of Huambo is the Ussombo Forest area, and a little farther in the same direction will bring you to the Mundundo Forest Concession. They are both small areas but will provide a an area that is protected where you can see the local wilderness. Even just the roads outside of the city will take you through some great scenery. Most of the region is mountainous and well-forested. You can also head north-west to the Mount Moco Special Reserve.

Within the city itself, there is a large botanical garden right in the downtown area you can walk through to see a little extra green space.

In the City
There are not too many specific sights to see in Huambo though you should try to walk around one of the open markets when you are there. Fruits and vegetables are the most common goods for sale, but there are many vendors offering other wares as well.

You can head to the coast in the west to see the city of Benguela, where there are many lovely beaches just outside the city. It’s not a short drive to Benguela, as it is more than 200 kilometres as the crow flies and the roads may not be ideal. Still, if you are travelling around Angola, you might want to head to Benguela after your time in Huambo.

When Should You Visit?:

The temperature in Huambo stays mainly the same throughout the year, with most days reaching a reasonable 26C (79F) during the day. It will get a little hotter in September but only by a few degrees. You will want to watch the calendar for the rainy season though. For more comfortable sight-seeing, you should be in Huambo when it is dry from May until the end of September. The other months are very rainy, to the point where it can rain every day.

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