Luanda Flights:

Flights to Luanda LuandaLuanda is the capital city and the largest city of Angola on the western coast of central Africa. The city itself is on the coast and has a long history, founded by the Portuguese in 1575. Some of the older sites still remain and are popular with tourists, plus Luanda also offers some beautiful beaches.

The largest airport in Angola is the Quatro de Fevereiro Airport (airport code: LAD), and it serves international flights to Luanda. The quickest flight to Luanda is a non-stop route with South African Airways, which will take under 4 hours. Routes with a transfer typically take a long time due to very long layovers, waiting for the next connection. Kenya Airways is one option and they will make a connection in Nairobi, and a flight to Luanda with Air Namibia will connect through Windhoek.

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The Tourist Attractions of Luanda:

Being the capital city, Luanda is the main destination for tourism in Angola, and is one of the only places with a well established tourism infrastructure. You’ll find a good range of quality and high class hotels here, along with some lovely beaches in the area. The restaurants and shops are nice too, and haven’t been overly affected by tourism as yet so you’ll get a more authentic experience when visiting Luanda.

Old Luanda
Luanda was an overseas territory of Portugal from 1575 up until 1975, so there are many things truly Portuguese about this city. The language is one of them, and English isn’t widely spoken so it can make communicating with people a challenge unless you know some Portuguese yourself!

The old city, called Baixa de Luanda, grew around the port which was, and still is a major part of the city’s economy. This is now the lower part of the city, with newer neighbourhoods expanding outwards, and plenty of new development taking place in Luanda over the last decade.

If you’re looking for nice colonial architecture the best place to look is around the port, as there are attractive buildings and narrow streets that give this a nice historical feel. Fort San Miguel is on a small hill overlooking the older parts of the city and is the main tourist attraction for Luanda today.

It was built by the Portuguese in 1576 and actually served as the administrative centre of the city, becoming a self contained town. Despite the age the fort has been well maintained and it houses a museum, the Museum of the Armed Forces.

Ilha de Luanda
Stretching out from the shore just below Fort San Miguel is Ilha de Luanda, or Luanda Island. Technically it’s not an island but a spit and it’s a popular getaway for locals and tourists as it features a long beach, lined with bars, hotels and restaurants.

Mussulo Island
An actual island just off the coast of Luanda is Mussulo Island. This is one of the top tourist destinations in Angola where you’ll find miles of beaches with small hotels and restaurants, plenty of water sports and opportunities for fishing.

When Should You Visit?:

There’s a range of only seven degrees for the average high temperature across the year in Luanda. In the winter, July and August, it’s 23C, while the summer months hit up to 28C ad the hottest month, March, ha an average high of 30C. March and April are however the rainy months in what is otherwise a very dry city.

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