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Flights to Namibe NamibeNamibe is a provincial capital city in Angola, and located on the south-western coast. It was founded by the Portuguese during the country’s colonial period. As this entire region was once under Portuguese control, even today the main language spoken is still Portuguese. The religious diversity of the country is primarily Christian and there are no particular cultural restrictions to worry about.

The Namibe Airport (airport code: MSZ) is just a few kilometres outside of the city and it serves a limited number of international flights to Namibe. With Angola Airlines, you will have a 1-stop flight to Namibe from South Africa that has one connection in Luanda, but with Air Namibia you have stops in Windhoek as well as in Luanda. Even with the differing routes, both flights to Namibe are roughly the same length and will take you around 26 hours in total.

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The Tourist Attractions of Namibe:

Iona National Park
Immediately to the south of the city is the Namibe Reserve, which extends farther south into the protected area of the Iona National Park. It is around a 3 hour drive to the protected Iona part of the park, which is the largest such park in Angola. There are a mix of desert landscapes, such as sand dunes and low scrubland. Most of the animals you’ll see here are grazing mammals such as zebra, gazelles, oryx, springbok and ostrich. Rock formations in some parts of the park are just as interesting as the wildlife.

Bicuar National Park
East of Namibe past Lubango is the Bicuar National Park that is filled with more Angolan scenery. Unlike the desert of the Iona park, you will find more greenery and lush regions here. There are river valleys along the Cunene River as well as some forests and even wetlands. There are also large stretches of grassland as well. A large number of antelope species are very common here, including kudu, elands, reedbucks and more. There are also buffalo, leopards and cheetahs. Just on the other side of the park is the Mupa National Park, which has similar wilderness though without the river basin areas.

To the south-west of the city, you can find several great sandy beaches where you can relax and enjoy the ocean. Azul Beach and Amelia Beach are the nicest and also the nearest ones to the city. Not only are the beaches a lovely spot to visit, you can see the water from the harbour as well. Fishing is said to be excellent there.

When Should You Visit?:

The weather in Namibe is actually quite comfortable for most of the year, though the early spring months are quite hot. The best time to be in Namibe is from June until the beginning of September when most days will only reach 21C (70F). The other months are warmer, reaching the highs of 28C (82F) in March and April. February is nearly as hot, by a degree or two. Rainfall is seldom a problem, and the hotter months tend to be the most humid.

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